AMA Session with MakerDAO

AMA with MakerDAO

On December 23, 12 PM UTC, we’ll host the AMA session with MakerDAO, a digital currency that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime! Rune Christensen, MakerDAO CEO will join our chat!

The rules are:

  • Learn about the project we’re hosting
  • Join the live session in our Telegram chat
  • Pass the quiz (link to google forms will be shared at the AMA)
  • Take part in the live chat with MakerDAO

The pool for the AMA with Maker is $500 DAI.

  • $400 for all quiz participants, who pass the quiz successfully
  • $100 will be shared between 5-10 users who ask the best questions on Twitter or in the live chat.

To pass the quiz – learn about MakerDAO.

Check out our info about Maker:

Download Atomic wallet to get DAI-address!

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The Google forms will be sent during the session in our Telegram chat. Don’t miss it out!

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