How to store Bitcoin Diamond?

Download Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Wallet

Download Bitcoin Diamond Wallet

Try out new multi-asset Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) wallet with built-in exchange. Our product called Atomic Wallet and it provides high level security, anonymity and multi-assets supports.

Wallet features:

  1. High level of security
  2. Private keys never leave your device. At any time you can export your keys and get a full access to your funds in other services/applications. Key storage is encrypted and can be accessed by your password only.

  3. Built in buy crypto and cryptocurrency exchange
  4. Dozen of exchange pairs and reasonable fees. Exchange partners: Changelly, Shepshift and ChangeNOW

  5. Friendly Interface
  6. Even if you're a non tech savvy you can easily understand how to manage your cryptocurrency. Send, Receive, Exchange - all in one hands.

  7. Multi Asset support
  8. We are planning to add all top100 assets by CoinmarketCap rating. Now we support top20 + over 300 tokens.

  9. Frequent updates
  10. Every 2 weeks we publish a new version of the wallet and constantly growing.

  11. Atomic Swaps
  12. We are working on the Atomic Swap decentralized exchange right within our wallet.

Download Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Wallet

What is Bitcoin Diamond?

Bitcoin Diamond is a fork of Bitcoin, which was initially published on the November 24, 2017. As it's stated on their whitepaper the project aims to become a convenient payment system for the third world countries and help the unbanked people to grow wealth. How the project will solve that problem?
Most probably by implementing BCD pay and working with different merchants to accept BCD as a convenient payment.

Is there something unique in the project? We can't tell. It combines the best from the previous forks: Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash and implemented it with small changes e.g. 10x total supply and new mining algorithm to prevent ASIC miners from getting control over blockchain in their hands. Also SegWit support and Lightning Network support. Now, let's take a closer look at the Bitcoin Diamond cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Diamond Hardfork

You may ask, what is a hardfork?
Fork means program code modification. The whole blockchain will be getting on the new rails with no backward compatibility to the older blocks/rules. Once you reached the destination out, there is no road back.

How hard fork works?

Bitcoin Blockchain has been copied and broadcasted to the Bitcoin Diamond Blockchain. Seems a little bit confusing. But Bitcoin continues to work with no changes. And Bitcoin Diamond continues to work on its own rules. Every transaction was copied from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Diamond to achieve consensus. Everyone who had BTC on their accounts will receive 10x amount on their BCD accounts.

Why they received 10x times more?

It's due to decimals. In Bitcoin 1.000.000 Satoshi is equal to 1 BTC. In Bitcoin Diamond 10.000.000 Satoshi is equal to 1 BCD.

The total supply of Bitcoin Diamond is 210.000 BCD. 10x more than in Bitcoin. It was made to decrease the price and to lower the fees.

Why Bitcoin Diamond was created?

The project is aims to improve initial Bitcoin problems: scalability, ASIC mining and price volatility.

To solve the scalability problem the Lightning network and Segregation Witness technology is used. Also the block size is improved to the 8MB and can be increased up to 35 MB in the rare cases.

Lightning network solves the scalability problem by creating Side Chains that will process most of the transactions not overloading the main Bitcoin Diamond blockchain.

Segregation Witness saves up to 65% of the blocksize by detaching Signature information from the block.

The other feature is X13 mining algorithm which is used for GPU mining. It's more accessible by the common people and ASIC

What you can buy with BCD

BCD accepted in some e-commerce markets. For example you can take a look at the BCD bazaar.

What is BCD coin

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is the native currency of the Bitcoin Diamond Blockchain. It's accepted on the most major exchanges and by some merchants.

Download Bitcoin Diamond Wallet