AMA Session with Everstake

AMA Session with Everstake

On December 13, 11 AM UTC, we’ll have the team members from Everstake, a staking service platform that focuses on major PoS networks at our AMA session.

The rules are:

  • Learn about the project we’re hosting
  • Join the live session in our Telegram chat
  • Pass the quiz (link will be shared at the AMA)
  • Take part in the live chat with Everstake

The pool for the AMA session with Everstake is $500 in XTZ.

  • $400 for all quiz participants, who pass the quiz successfully
  • $100 will be shared between 5-10 users who ask the best questions on Twitter or in the live chat.

To pass the quiz – learn about Everstake.

To know more about staking – read our guides:

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