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By Elizabeth Wright

September 24, 2020


EOS Price Analysis

The EOS price on December 6, 2019, was $2.71. It is among the top 10 currencies by market capitalization. It has a market capitalization of $2,557,956,841. Its total supply is 1,039,856, 379 EOS, while the circulating supply is 943,156, 368 EOS. It’s all-time high was $22.89 while its all-time low $0.480196. Over the past 30 days, it has had a high of $3.63 and a low of $2.37. Over the past 52 weeks, it has had a high of $8.59 and a low of $1.56. 

Market Prediction for EOS Price 2020

EOS reached a high of $8.59 in May 2019 before falling to its current price of $2.7. However, EOS has shown that its price can surge upwards, as shown by its all-time high of $22.89. Investing in EOS when its price is low will allow you to make more money when its price appreciates.

Daniel Larimer, Founder EOS, EOS Price Prediction 2020

Daniel mentioned that EOS managed 578 transactions per second for several days while using only a fraction of its optimum capacity. He mentions that they will be launching a new technology that will make it five times faster than its current speed. Higher transaction speeds will give it a competitive edge over the top five cryptocurrencies, and its price will appreciate in 2020.

Michael Novogratz, ex-Hedge Fund Manager, EOS Price Prediction 2020

Michael stated that the cryptocurrency revolution is just getting started. He believes that altcoins must prove their worth so that they can compete against Bitcoin. EOS has proved its worth by introducing high transaction speeds that rival any other coin. EOS price is highly likely to increase due to technological advancements.

Vitalik Buterin, Co-Founder of Ethereum, EOS Price Prediction 2020

Vitalik mentions that only 5% of successful ICOs will develop into the new Alibaba, Apple, or Google in the crypto market. The success of EOS is dependent on its ability to improve its features and carve out a significant market share. Due to its current technological advancements, EOS has the opportunity to become the primary dApps platform in the future. Its price will appreciate, and it may rival the main coins.

Barry Silbert, CEO and Founder of Digital Currency Group, EOS Price Prediction 2020

Barry is confident that cryptocurrencies will replace gold and fiat currencies. The cons that will take advantage of the revolution from fiat currencies and gold will appreciate greatly in the future. EOS has solved various problems in the blockchain industry, and it has immense potential to improve in value in 2020.

Brendan Blumer, CEO Block.one, EOS Price Prediction 2020

Brendan mentions that EOS took over 48% of active dApp users in market share within its first year. This was an active sign of progress that EOS offers solutions to real-world issues. As it gains more users, its price will appreciate in 2020. 

Factors Contributing to EOS Growth 2020

One of the factors affecting EOS growth will be the forces of demand and supply. The law of demand and supply states that the higher the demand, the lower the supply, and vice versa. EOS is almost reaching its maximum supply, and the coin will be scarce. It will translate to higher prices. The EOS development team is creating new technologies that will ensure that EOS reaches its objective of a million transactions per second. Increased speed will ensure that EOS has competitive advantages over its competitors. Also, the coin will be more attractive to investors. 

EOS is developing partnerships with various companies, such as Epay online payment platform. The partnership will allow Epay users to withdraw and deposit EOS on their Epay accounts. Also, Epay users will buy and sell the coin directly in their payment system.  

As more and more companies incorporate EOS into their platforms for decentralized operations, the coin’s value will increase significantly. Furthermore, individual users, especially in North America, Europe, and Asia, will be driving the increasing demand for the coin.

EOS Price Prediction Verdict 2020

Investing in cryptocurrencies could be confusing, especially for new investors. Some of the common questions are what the EOS price projection is? How much will it be worth in 2020? What are its price targets? Is it a good investment? It is difficult to mention a specific price because the crypto market is highly volatile. 

However, one can make an accurate guess from expert analysis and factors affecting its growth. According to expert analysis, EOS is a good investment decision. There are several factors that show that its price will appreciate in 2020 and boost value for coin holders. 

Some of the factors that make EOS a good investment decision in 2020 include the increasing partnerships, technological advancements, and its limited supply. The technological advancements will make EOS an attractive investment decision while improving its competitive edge. 

EOS reached a high of $8.59 in May 2019 but has since fallen back to the current price of $2.7. The best time to invest in EOS is when its prices are low. You should take advantage of the current low prices because it is highly likely that the coin will appreciate in 2020. If you buy EOS at the current price, you may make more money in 2020. 

What is EOS?

The main objective of EOS is developing a decentralized blockchain that supports free and fast transactions. Also, the platform supports smart contracts that allow developers to release dApps. EOS also wants to develop a platform that works as an operating system so that it can be user-friendly.

It also seeks to develop a platform that processes millions of transactions per second. Although many cryptocurrencies recognize smart contracts, none of them conducts a transaction that quickly. Solving the speed issue will allow EOS to boost its real-world applications, especially in the financial industry.

EOS enables the development, hosting, and execution of large and commercial-scale decentralized applications (DApps) on its platform. EOS supports the necessary core functionality to enable individuals and businesses to develop blockchain-based applications. 

History and Main Features of EOS

EOS was developed by a company known as Block.one. Block.one’s CEO and founder is Brendan Blumer. Brendan later teamed up with Dan Larimer to develop EOS. Its initial coin offer (ICO) began in June 2017 until July 2018. The ICO raised more than $4 billion. 

EOS is a platform that uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) algorithm. According to Block.one, DPOS offers a faster transaction approval through blockchain than most cryptocurrencies. The project’s founders promise that the platform will have zero transaction fees. Also, the project will have the ability to process millions of transactions per second. The high speed and zero transaction cost will give it a competitive advantage over its competitors.

EOS development team is building a fair block production voting. EOS owners become eligible for voting after they have a certain number of EOS units. The voting power will be based on the number of tokens on coin holders’ digital wallets. The move will ensure that the digital asset’s main exchange markets, such as Huobi and Bitfinex, do not gain a monopoly over the network. 

EOS has commercial scalability. Parallel execution, asynchronous execution, and other features have boosted its scalability. The project gas separated authentication from execution. Furthermore, it supports thousands of commercial-scale dApps. Since EOS uses a DPOS model, only a limited number of users are involved in the creation of new blocks and the validation of transactions. 

EOS Price Chart

Figure 1 showing EOS price chart from December 2018 to December 2019

How to buy EOS

Some of the reasons you should buy EOS is because the forecasts are promising, it is decentralized, and investment is as simple as never before if you have a digital wallet. The number of people using EOS is increasing daily, and it is conquering the financial world.

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Download and install Atomic wallet on your personal computer and mobile device. The wallet ensures that your private and public keys remain in your device. You are given maximum control over your funds. The custody free solution and strong encryption give you the highest level of security.

How to Exchange EOS

A wallet allows you to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies at the best exchange rates. The wallet should give you an opportunity to view the real-time prices of other coins. Also, it should be fast, transparent, and reliable according to market standards.

You do not need to look further! Atomic wallet is a multicurrency solution that allows you to buy, sell, and exchange EOS and 300+ tokens and coins. It is the most convenient way of handling all your digital assets. Furthermore, the list of coins is updated daily as the wallet continues searching for more tokens and coins. 

Atomic wallet has a user-friendly that allows you to manage your digital assets in a single interface. The customer service is always available to ensure you make the best investment decision. Atomic wallet ensures you will have the best experience as you invest in the crypto market.

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