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By Elizabeth Wright

September 24, 2020


What is NEO coin?

Initially, NEO coin was called Antshares, it appeared in October 2016. There was no rapid growth or rapid decline. After rebranding, the course quickly went uphill. This blockchain platform is sometimes called the Chinese broadcast. By the way, its code is open. According to the developers, their cryptocurrency and infrastructure is better than their competitors, supports digital identification, which also allows you to decentralize your assets without any problems.

Neo Coin Features

At the moment, the NEO cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular. According to the main indicators and the level of capitalization, NEO coin began to occupy the 16th place among other similar currencies. The jump in value has also increased quite rapidly. Back in January 2017, one NEO cost only 15 cents, and in the beginning of 2019 NEO cost more than $9. Among the main distinguishing features of the currency are the following important points:

  • NEO coin was created with the optimal ability to effectively support the main programming languages such as C#, Java, JS, Python, GO and others. This greatly facilitates the commercial use of the unit;
  • The company developing this currency closely cooperates with state authorities. This ensures its strength in the financial market;
  • Enough large companies and corporations are investing in NEO;
  • Based on these factors, experts conclude on the likelihood of currency entering the market as the main full-fledged payment system;
  • A distinctive feature of NEO is a certain limit on the total number of production. For the year, you can get no more than 15 million. This is a deliberate rule that was designed specifically to curb inflation;

NEO Cryptocurrency Benefits

This type of currency is characterized by a large number of positive qualities. Among the main key advantages of cryptocurrency are the following:

  • The system uses a special plan specialized protocol category NeoFS. It is able to provide ideal for all indicators of the scalability of the monetary unit. Thanks to this opportunity, the system can process up to 10 thousand operations in one second without any special problems.
  • There is a special protocol for high-quality and functional interoperability. He is known as NeoX. This protocol is able to provide the possibility of parallel exchange of profitable, profitable assets between several users.
  • It is possible to note the unique mechanism of the produced coordination. It is called dBFT. A similar mechanism is based on modern technology that provides virtualization of failures. This is what allows a high-speed payment transaction mode.
  • Speaking objectively, the advantages of the NEO currency are quite numerous. Despite this, the opinion about the currency can be met ambiguous. There are certain points that many attributes to disadvantages.

NEO Cryptocurrency Disadvantages

Despite the fact that many are buying up the currency, there are several versions regarding its inherent flaws. It should be noted that the NEO currency unit is strictly centralized, and about half of all coins are concentrated in the hands of developers. It is believed that the project is supported by not very reliable technical training and the presence of the risk of incurring double spending. Also, the lack of mining is considered a disadvantage by many.

These factors should not be regarded as negative aspects since many shortcomings are almost completely eliminated, and the absence of mining is the wrong decision, as it is, it is simply carried out according to a slightly different scheme.

NEO Coin Price

In 2018, the cost of crypto reached its maximum – $ 180, after which it began to decline. The success of this project will directly depend on 2 factors:

  • the loyalty of the Chineese government
  • general recovery of the market.

The potential for growth of NEO is high because after reaching a maximum, the value of the coin decreased 25 times. Most likely, in 2019, we will be able to see the coin approaching the peaks. If you believe the forecast from Luca Maniotta, who says that in 2019 the cost of bitcoin will be $ 100,000, we can say with confidence that our forecast will come true.

Neo Price Prediction

On January 8, 2018, the coin reached its maximum of $ 180, thereby beating even the wildest forecasts. Some optimistic experts, such as Tom Lee, a Wall Street analyst and creator of Fundstrat Global Advisors, are talking about $ 225 for 1 NEO coin by the end of 2019. Most experts agree that the year 2019 will bring a steady price increase to the NEO. Sometimes it will slow down and take turns in small digressions for course correction. The rising cost of cryptocurrency is subject to the basic rules of trading. It is necessary to take into account the breakthrough of individual levels, giving them the opportunity and potential for further growth. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt the prospects of this cryptocurrency. NEO has all the chances to continue going up.

NEO Coin Market Prediction

#1 LongForecast NEO Price Prediction
In March NEO may touch $11.92, but by the end of 2019 NEO price can be reduced to $4.

#2 WalletInvestor NEO Price Prediction
Wallet Investor gives a negative feedback about NEO price in 2019. By the end of the year 1 NEO may cost $2.9.

#3 NEO Price Prediction
By March NEO price will be at the level of $10.The article has an informative purpose. The Atomic Wallet team is not trying to persuade or endorse you, neither are we making warranties for the accuracy of the content. All decisions are made at your own risk.

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