Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Prediction

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By Elizabeth Wright

September 24, 2020


Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Analysis

Zilliqa prices have come down, and now the ZIL current price is around 0,005 USD. In the middle of 2019, Zilliqa’s value was much higher — about $0,025. So, the Zilliqa price lost approximately 80% of the highest value so far.

Market Prediction for Zilliqa (ZIL) Price

Zilliqa is a crypto asset, and most of the traders want to invest in it. Let’s take a look at some Zilliqa price predictions:

Trading Beasts ZIL Price Prediction

These prediction portal experts see ZIL as a good investment for next year. Thus, in their opinion, the Zilliqa price will increase to $0.0075 level. But, the ZIL value can come a bit down to $0.0075 level by December 2020.

GOV Capital ZIL Price Prediction

This website forecast shows us the future total breakdown of this cryptocurrency. Zilliqa’s price will get the $0.00 mark by 2020.

Cryptoground ZIL Price Prediction

These website’s traders believe that the Zilliqa has good prospects for the next year. Due to their opinion, the Zilliqa price will increase to $0.0142 level by the end of next year. It’s 154% of the ZIL current value.

DigitalCoinPrice ZIL Price Prediction

This website shows that the Zilliqa rate will grow up. Due to their prediction, the ZIL price can roughly be up to $0.011 USD in 2020. It’s twice nearly from the current Zilliqa price.

Wallet Investor ZIL Price Prediction

Experts from Wallet Investor take some conservative predictions. They believe that ZIL might go down to $0.0003.

Zilliqa Price Factors

There is a significant factor for possible Zilliqa extension. These are some practical steps of the blockchain team. They are tirelessly managing the development of cryptocurrency. Let’s take a look at the five most significant successes:

  1. Partnership with Maicoin. This unique exchanging system designed to be the standard solution for ZIL issuers, traders, customers and market players. Maicoin gives them passage to contracts and shares of world biggest businesses. This partnership is a strong marketing move that could improve both online activity and Zilliqa price.
  2. Launch of the mainnet. At the end of January 2019 Ziliqa team proudly stated the start of his unique network. Zilliqa was the first public blockchain to perform sharding technology to increase network scalability successfully. The new platform provides some crucial points. Moreover, Zilliqa mainnet is one of the few free blockchains. Besides, there are some other additions like progressed security of smart contracts, protected links and green mining.
  3. The ZIL crew includes high-professionalized people who worked earlier on other profitable projects. There are some technical experts. Also, there are specialists in the area of economics, cybersecurity, dealing in hundreds of cryptocurrency types and many other fields are involved in the improvement of Zilliqa mainnet.
  4. The ZIL company plans to start a trade of dozens of trading pairs. Besides, the Zilliqa network can increase the number of dApps. With an improvement in system links, the speed of work can rise, and ZIL can exceed Visa speed.
  5. The Zilliqa team makes the prominent promotion of ZIL coin. The crew is actively supporting its outline. The critical aim is to be the first asset on the Asian crypto market and expand the wallet user base. Furthermore, the complete marketing plan is built particularly on new solutions that can guide real profits and their popularization in the crypto world.

However, some factors are slowing the ZIL progress. Essentially, there is a massive amount of new assets like Ethereum that grow speedy. And there’s a small lag of Zilliqa in this regard.

Zilliqa Price Forecast

The Zilliqa mainnet working live the crew has been asking for specialists to begin providing their talents to the system. ZIL is a project with a quick marketing manner. That’s why the team presented the working solution. They are not actively distributing the fact that their network is running. Furthermore, they are also presented in the real world as well. This fact admits dApps to take a focus on improvement. 

Recently Zilliqa crew has announced that they will be support other projects that build and develops on top of Zilliqa blockchain. In this case, ZIL hosts a 5 million dollars grant. It has sparked the interest of many crypto projects. Some of them are currently building that could bring success to the whole system.

Besides, Zilliqa coin is a staunch opponent for ETH. That’s why the building of applications on top of their Blockchain is essential. They’re racing against each other. The main factor of this competition is the luggage of projects based on the top of their blockchains.

Zilliqa Price Prediction Verdict

Zilliqa wants to host a lot of on top of their network to beat the Ethereum in their race. If in 2020 there are become more solutions based on Zilliqa as their mother Blockchain, it will be a change. With the ZIL price currently being at its historical minimum, there is adequate space for development. And the primary question is how significant will be the growth of the Zilliqa price.

Zilliqa rate in 2020 massively depends on technological advancement. ZIL may grow expeditious as it provides more trading pairs and dares challenge to the original cryptocurrencies. The second important factor that can have an impact on pricing is moving from ETH blockchain to their own. It is undoubtedly a severe step.

Zilliqa News: Zilliqa (ZIL) Joins Crypto APIs’ Blockchain as a Service Offering

The Zilliqa joins a new grant program. It aims to help prominent companies producing new solutions based on the Zilliqa blockchain. The alliance of the ZIL blockchain in Crypto APIs’ Blockchain APIs will allow developers to realize a wide assortment of goods quickly. For example, it can be blockchain explorers, asset wallets, Payment Service Providers that use ZIL coins, and many other apps.

Crypto APIs company is the leading application programming interface provider in the world. They propose an exceptional product, included of 3 solutions: Blockchain APIs, Cryptocurrency Market Data APIs, and Trading APIs. These goods provide developers to use and develop over the various blockchain protocols through an uncomplicated interface.

Crypto APIs present a base layer by serving as a bridge connecting blockchains and developers. It significantly makes the improvement of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related digital solutions more simpler.

What is Zilliqa (ZIL)?

Zilliqa was founded in 2017 by three computer scientists from the University of California and the University of Singapore. Amrit Kumar followed them.

Zilliqa is the third-generation blockchain platform in the crypto market. It shows the evolution of crypto assets. For example, Bitcoin is the first-generation token. Ethereum belongs to the second generation. And there are new systems like IOTA or Zilliqa. 

Zilliqa system tries to solve one of the biggest problems that have affected first-generation assets — scalability. Their solution is a method called sharding. There are splitting the mainnet into groups of links called shards, that consists of 600 connections. These parts work like mini-blockchain systems.

Shards treat transactions independently from each other. That’s why Zilliqa can process purchases faster. The more shards Ziiliqa consists of, the more sales they can handle.

Zilliqa made using the Ethereum platform, and it follows the rules of this network. Zilliqa assets can be transferred to the ZIL blockchain when the mainnet works live.

Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Chart

Zilliqa price chart

How To create Zilliqa Wallet

Don’t worry about the protection of your coins. Your access keys to enter the Zilliqa wallet is saved on your device. You can be assured that your coins are yours only. Besides, you can promptly manage all of your ZIL tokens. Protect, share, and exchange your ZIL tokens in one place!

How To Trade Zilliqa (ZIL)

If you want to purchase or trade Zilliqa tokens to another cryptocurrency, you can do these transactions in the Atomic Wallet. This platform is a general assets wallet for 300 types of coins with an exclusive dealing system. You can get or trade up to 30 trading pairs with the current Zilliqa price. 

Within the Atomic Wallet interface, you can exchange one token to another. It’s easy, fast, and protected to purchase your ZIL coins inside the current wallet.

Also, our project cooperates with the two most populous crypto exchanging solutions — Changelly and ChangeNow. They operate only with first-hand transitions between hundreds of cryptocurrencies. Changelly and ChangeNow provide exchanging coins using two value patterns: the inflated rate and the fixed rate. In cases of troubles working with Atomic Wallet system, the customer support will advise you 24/7. 

Changelly and ChangeNow don’t manage somebody’s coins. Both of these crypto services only transfer exchanged assets to your Zilliqa wallet. 

How To Purchase Zilliqa (ZIL)

You easily can buy ZIL tokens with a credit card inside the Atomic Wallet system. It is the fastest and utterly right way to purchase Zilliqa coins with VISA or Mastercard. You can get ZIL tokens in approximately half an hour. The duration of the whole process depends on the speed of the authentication process. If it ended, bought or traded tokens transfer to your Zilliqa wallet. Although, usually, you don’t need to wait too much time for completing the ZIL buying.

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