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What is Decred?

Decred is a peer-to-peer digital cryptocurrency running on Bitcoin Core. The project was launched in February 2016 with the main purpose to improve bitcoin protocol and prioritize decentralize governance and decision making.

Why Decred was created?

Decred was created by core bitcoin developers to solve the challenges that Bitcoin blockchain facing nowadays. First one is decentralization. As you may see, Bitcoin blockchain is based on the PoW system that has has strict limitations towards changes and further development. If you are miner, you're not interested in any changes that will reduce your income or make any inconveniences to your process. If you are user, you are always interested in low fees and fast transaction's speed. Confrontation of interestst as a result. Nowadays to succeed in Bitcoin mining you should be a part of big pools which means that mining powers becoming more centralized. It is a serious issue to the main idea of cryptocurrecny.


Decred provides another view on the problem creating a platform where you can find some sort of Separation of powers. The system is governed both by miners and cryptocurrency holders. Combination of Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-work makes this cryptocurrency more flexible, decentralized and community based. There is more details about participation in the development of the network, than just money making on mining or price changes.

Ticket system

When you are Bitcoin investor, you want to hold some percentage of total amoount of BTC. When you are investing in Decred, you will aim to hold not only Decred coin, but also a tickets. Decred introduces “tickets”, which are non-transferable, passive-income producing crypto assets designed to give DCR stakeholders control over the Decred network. This is not how Bitcoin works; in Bitcoin (and most other pure PoW coins), the majority of PoW miners have enormous influence over setting the network’s direction, while the stakeholders of the coin are left to bicker on the sidelines. Similar to buying any other fixed income investment, the more DCR you own, the more tickets you can buy; the more tickets you buy, the more passive DCR income you stand to gain from your investment, and the bigger you are in the Decred system. There are only about 40,000 tickets in the ticket pool at any given time.

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