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What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin, presented in 2013 has a fully copied the Litecoin algorithm with a couple of changes. Initially, there were generated 100 billion coins, and the number of coins in one block was set randomly. In March 2014, the currency behavior was changed. The reward has become fixed, and the issue is unlimited. The developer wanted to make new crypto and move away from the "black history" of bitcoins. In January 2014, Dogecoin community collected 50 thousand dollars for the Jamaica bobsled team, and on March 25 of the same year, users collected another 55 thousand dollars for NASCAR racer Josh Wise.

How Dogecoin works

The work of DOGE crypto is based on the same principles as Bitcoin - the hash of public keys. The source code is also very similar - it was only slightly modernized. The main feature is the fast period of mining. A reward is given every 60 seconds. At the same time, there is no need to purchase expensive equipment - an ordinary personal computer will be enough to extract Dogecoin.

If at the beginning of the start of crypto there was no single value of one mined block, today the price is unified, which made DOGE even more similar to other cryptocurrencies.

An important feature of Dogecoin is the endless emission. This inhibits the growth of Doge price, but so far the developers do not plan to change this figure. Also, many users are attracted by a single commission for transfers. No matter what amount you will transfer, the cost of the service is always the same.

Mining Features of Doge

The main reason that so many users mine this particular cryptocurrency is that it does not need a powerful computer. Any personal computer easily turns into a getter of treasured coins. For most miners, calculating one block takes about three minutes. The process of mining itself is no different from the production of other cryptocurrencies. To get started, you need to have a Dogecoin wallet and install special software. It is recommended to download it from trusted sites - this way you will protect not only your computer but also your wallet itself.

Dogecoin Future

There are two factors that can affect the rise of DOGEcoin price. The first one is the influx of new investors, who, when looking for promising coins, on anyone, stumbling upon articles about the DOGE price prediction. The second is the linear growth of the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

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Dogecoin Price today: DOGE Value, Supply and Market Cap

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Dogecoin is built on a reward system and moving costs. The only possibility for coins occupying small niches to achieve some results, we mean to be able to do what Bitcoin can't and could never do. Dogecoin realized quickly that it was also easy to issue Bitcoin as cash bonuses. You can tell that this is quite problematic in view of the commissions for a transaction in Bitcoin and, perhaps, Doge has a chance to break through, but let's start with the fact that Dogecoin bonuses have never been issued "on-chain" (on the network), like Bitcoin bonuses (ChangeTip was a centralized service). If incentives come back into fashion, the Bitcoin ecosystem will easily cope with them.

Many other Altcoins are evolving to become something broader and more than just a crypto transaction platform, but Dogecoin follows its routes. It is currently widely used on platforms such as Reddit as a means of polling users for valuable content.

In June 2015, DOGE price reached a maximum level of 100 billion coins, although the price remains quite low compared to altcoins, which have a more limited amount. But the consistency demonstrated by Dogecoin and its constant presence among large online communities allowed him to gradually consolidate his place among the best altcoins.

Where to store Doge?

Dogecoin price prediction 2019

According to strong fundamental features of DOGE, such as fast speed, low transaction costs, and security, it can become the crypto, that will revolutionize the transfer of values through the Internet and supplant most of the usual payment methods available today.

Dogecoin’s growing intrinsic value may attract more institutional interest in DOGE as an investment, as well as increase its speculative value. Smart money seeks value that goes deeper than just hype and speculation, and Dogecoin seems to have that value.

Many investors still cannot understand how Dogecoin gets on the new stock exchange or grows when the rest of the market falls down. Such an opinion is based on the fact that they still consider Dogecoin to be just a joke. However, in fact, Doge has long ceased to be a joke, it is more like something that could easily become the future of payments. And it will not be surprising if Dogecoin grows to $ 1 in the next decade.

Dogecoin Market Price Analysis

#1 WalletInvestor Dogecoin Price Prediction
By the end of 2019, Dogecoin may certainly reach $0.00263

#2 Dogecoin Price Prediction
In March Doge price will be around $0.00026.

#3 Dogecoin Price Prediction
By the end of 2019 it's likely to see Doge price around the $0.0147 mark.

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