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Oct 24, 2019

5 min




5 min

How to Buy Bitcoin in the UK: Explained

Being the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is often considered to be a perfect investment option, keeping in mind its price and dynamics. However, many countries don’t have any special laws that regulate the cryptocurrency market. One of those countries is the United Kingdom. But, it is still possible to buy and use Bitcoins in the UK without any problems.

It is necessary to find the broker to buy Bitcoins in the UK. Several popular brokers allow you to purchase Bitcoins using different means, such as bank transfers, SWIFT, Wire Transfer, or using your credit cards. However, if you don’t want to deal with any brokers and check the exchange rate to find the best deal – consider using an all-in-one solution, which is Atomic Wallet. It allows you not only buy Bitcoins without any issues, but it also provides you with high-security tools to store, manage and exchange your cryptocurrencies. Being a global project, Atomic Wallet is available in the United Kingdom, and you will have no problems accessing your wallet. By having a reliable solution that lets you manage your cryptocurrencies will also help you avoid any additional financial risks associated with exchanging.

The UK regulations on Bitcoin

The legal regulations of cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom are not very clear, and it has two sides. Some brokers who work with Bitcoin in the United Kingdom state that there is no regulatory clarity considering using this type of currency. The absence of transparency and the special laws cause suspicion towards BTC and this, in turn, holds the whole UK cryptocurrency industry back. At the same time, Bitcoins are not banned in the UK. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) states that all activities related to cryptocurrencies fall under existing financial regulations for derivatives (these regulations are used for futures and options as well). Nevertheless, FCA updates its guidelines on BTC, and these steps can be the impact that will lead to establishing the regulations which will regulate the cryptocurrency market in the UK.

Buy Bitcoin in Atomic Wallet

Finding the Bitcoin broker can be quite challenging, considering how many of them are available today. However, Atomic Wallet is the unique solution that allows you to buy, manage, and exchange Bitcoin fast and secure. Atomic Wallet is easy to use. The whole process doesn’t take much time, and it involves two elementary steps:

Install Atomic Wallet. You need to download a particular application. The application is available for all popular operating systems. It is entirely free – you don’t need to pay for anything at all. And what is even more important – it is completely secure – nobody can access your data, and the security key is stored on your device. 

Verify your Identity. This is a quick process that requires you to verify your identity by using a Photo ID. Again, Atomic Wallet guarantees your data protection, so nobody will know about you using Atomic Wallet.

That’s it; right after verifying your identity, you can buy Bitcoin using your credit card. Atomic Wallet also allows you to manage your Bitcoin wallet using a simple GUI. It has all the functions and information you may need, like exchanging and history.

How to store Bitcoin

Atomic Wallet is the solution that allows you to control your cryptocurrency. Atomic Wallet guarantees that nothing will happen with your wallet. The development team pays special attention to maintain the highest possible level of data security. By using the advanced algorithms and methods, the Atomic Wallet development team has succeeded in creating a comprehensive cryptocurrency management solution. If you don’t want to worry about your cryptocurrency wallet, then Atomic Wallet is exactly what you need. Atomic Wallet creates a security key that is stored on your device, and it guarantees an extra security level so that nobody can access your wallet. The application also encrypts all the data it uses, which improves the overall security. Therefore, Atomic Wallet provides you with the highest level of protection.

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