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ZRX Price

ZRX was released to the market in August 2017. At that point, the earliest known price was $0,2411 on August 17. It rose to a peak of $0,51 within the next two days. The chart was quite stable with a minor decrease over the year except for December. In the last month of the year, the rate started to grow dramatically and reached $0,8866 at the year’s closing day.

This trend continued in January 2018. On January 8 there was the all-time high price — $2,53. After that, the price went down first, but shortly after, the price almost broke through the $2 line again — ZRX cost $1,94 on the 11th of May. The rest of the year was the period of a slow bearish trend. The year finished with $0,32 per unit.

2019 was the year of sideways for 0x. It struggled for support and hardly broke the $0,36 line in April and May. The rest of the year was marked by trading above the $0,15 line. No serious falls or soars were not fixed.

As of this article writing in December 2019, the current ZRX price is $0,182994. The token has a market cap worth $110 605 786 — it is the 42nd highest level in the CoinMarketCap’s rating. The daily trading volume of ZRX is $11 451 931 as of recent market activity. The supply in circulation is 604 421 968 ZRX while the total supply is 1 billion tokens.

The project seems to be a promising one. It keeps the goals high, the technologies cutting and the purposes clear. Many crypto experts and portals mark that and have a quite good opinion on the future of 0x.

  • Cryptoground prediction service foresees big gains in the next years. It predicts $0,383 at the end of 2020 and $2,35 in 2024.
  • Tradingbeasts forecast portal is optimistic, too. According to their data, ZRX will cost $0,228 in December 2020, $0,238 in December 2021 and $0,323 in December 2022.
  • CoinSwitch has even more bold forecast — according to their article, ZRX will reach $5.702 in 2020.

This article is not financial advice. Before making any investments, make your own research and remember that crypto is followed by risks. But still, our opinion is that 0x is a project worth noticing. ZRX is definitely an asset that must be considered as an investment option.

What is Zero X (ZRX)

Zero X, also known as 0x, is a decentralized blockchain platform designed to offer a cryptocurrency exchange of a combined type. To be clear, the project develops a decentralized exchange (that is also abbreviated as dEX) with off-chain ordering but on-chain processing. As an alternative way for trading, the platform offers an OTC mode of deals, when users negotiate and make an agreement outside the exchange.

0x is built on the Ethereum blockchain, so it also features decentralized applications (also known as dApps) and smart contracts that serve as tools for the exchange operations. The main principle of the 0x dEX is simple: when the person places an order, the blockchain translates it outside the ecosystem, and, if successful, then runs it inside the net. Being based on the Ethereum platform means that 0x can trade all known ERC20 tokens — it is over 500 assets as for this writing.

Another significant feature that the off-chain part allows making an exchange cheaper. For example, on a traditional Ethereum blockchain, a smart contract is created when a person wants to do something. A contract for making an order, another one for canceling it, another one for withdrawal — as a result, there are dozens of contracts and each of them requires a fee. 0x moves most of the action outside the blockchain in order to cut most of the fees.

Zero X is fueled with its native token called ZRX. It is based on the ERC20 technology with all standard features of this kind of asset. This token is used for all the fees within the blockchain. ZRX uses an open protocol to ensure higher security and fewer trust issues.

The foundation behind Zero X is headed by its two co-founders: Will Warren and Amir Bandeali. Both are experienced specialists in IT and fin-tech matters. For example, Will was an advisor in the Basic Attention Token project and Amir worked at Chopper Trading and DRW.

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