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BURST Price 2020

BURST started its journey in September 2014 with the initial price of $0,002007. Within the first two days, the price pumped to the $0,005679 mark. After that, the chart went down to the sideways above $0,0002 and below $0,0008 for the rest of the year.

2015 was even less successful for the coin. After a slight struggle at the beginning of the year, the rate went down and established under the $0,00015 line in September.

The chart’s direction changed in 2016. The rate went on a slow bullish trend till mid-September, when the price blasted to a peak of $0,001384 on September 14th. After that, the price went a bit down. On the last day of the year, BURST cost $0,000524.

2017 was the year of great gains for the project. The flatline at the beginning of the year was slowly turning into a trembling line which rose throughout the year. Literally, on the last days of the year, there was a blast, when the price skyrocketed to a peak of $0,076443 on December 23.

This trend continued in the first month of 2018. At that point, the coin reached its all-time high — $0,130106 on the 6th of January. But, after that, the price went on a bearish trend and slid back to the old areas. The year ended with $0,004361 per token.

The first half of 2019 was comparatively calm for the coin — it was mostly trading inside the sideways between $0,006 and $0,0025 until June. At the end of June, the price skyrocketed broke the $0,01 line and reached a peak of $0,01138. Burstcoin struggled for support in the following months: it burst once more to the peak of $0,0073 and then established in the sideways under $0,005 line.

As of this writing in December 2019, the current price of Burstcoin is $0,004131. The CoinMarketCap website displays the market cap level of $8 575 702 which is number 304 of the platform’s rating. The daily trading volume displayed on the same page is $22 297,71. The supply in circulation is 2 075 918 938 BURST, while the currently available maximum is 2 158 812 800 BURST. the Burstcoin’s ROI from the initial price to today’s one is 110,10%.

Many crypto experts and portals highlight the project and think that it is must be noticed.

What is Burstcoin

Burstcoin is a decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency platform. The main purpose of this blockchain is a payment system. But, unlike most cryptocurrencies, Burstcoin is highly efficient in energy spending — for example, a Bitcoin transaction costs 400 times more energy than one in Burstcoin. The project claims to be a truly environment-friendly payment system with high speed and security.

The project is fueled by a coin called the same name — Burstcoin, with the BURST ticker. It is mined with an innovative algorithm — Proof-of-Capacity, or PoC. It is the technology that requires disk space for mining — a person just needs to connect to the net and give in use some gigabytes or terabytes of the device. No calculating power is required at all, so it is possible to mine even with an old Android smartphone or Raspberry Pi. This is the main feature that makes Burstcoin a green technology that spends a very small amount of energy on operating.

On top of that, the platform features smart contracts, encrypted messages, its own decentralized wallet and many more. The project is emphasized on making a crypto service with significant advantages over popular platforms like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Initially, the platform was a fork of the Nxt blockchain. That’s why Burstcoin is similar to Nxt with some features, but the idea was to create its own ecosystem with some advantages. So there are some technical features that make the Burstcoin project a solid one. For example, the platform runs Turing-complete smart contracts, has a dynamic block size and dynamic fee amount.

Burstcoin was announced by an anonymous user on the BitcoinTalk forum in 2014. Since then, the team never revealed any information about themselves. No one knows who are they, where they are located, what policy they follow, etc. It seems to be a part of the initial Bitcoin concept — Satoshi Nakamoto is a mysterious name as well.

Burstcoin Wallet

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