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What it KIN

KIN is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency developed as a native utility token for a world-known messenger Kik. The main purpose of this asset is improving the experience for people who use the messenger to chat.

The coin is still under development, but it is clear now how it is supposed to be used inside the app. Users are rewarded with KIN for doing different tasks: solving quizzes, participating in polls, making tutorials and other management and entertainment activities. There are also preserved ways to spend the earned bounty inside the app. For example, users can apply custom chat themes for a charge in KIN. Or, for instance, there is a tipping system designed to reward chat administrators for their work — anyone can tip a selected admin for some actions regarding the chat management.

KIN was developed by the same team that owns and runs the Kik messenger. The main figure in the team behind the project is Ted Livingston, a CEO and owner of the company. The initial project has proven to be promising as well: it gathered over $120 of investments from famous companies such as WeChat’s owners Tencent, Spark Capital, RRE Ventures and Foundation Capital. As of this writing, the service has over 300 million registered users and over 15 million unique active users.

The team of the project has big goals for their cryptocurrency. They are stating that there is a plan to make KIN one of the most popular crypto assets in the world. The development is in its active stage and there are several big ideas displayed in the project’s roadmap. For example, there is a target of integration the token into many different side apps and services and making it a cross-platform currency for numerous purposes.

KIN is listed on several major crypto exchanges as an independent asset. Since it can be bought for money or traded for other coins and tokens, another use of KIN is trading.

KIN Price

Like many other cryptocurrencies, KIN had a bright start. It entered the big crypto market in September 2017 with an initial price of $0,000116. The token had a big climb over the next several months. In that period, it had the all-time high of $0,001493 reached on the 6th of January 2018. After that peak the rate went down and established in the zone below $0,0004.

The year 2018 was the time of a struggle for KIN. Throughout the year the rate got support in February and May taking the significant peaks of $0,000376 and $0,000385 namely. The price went on a bearish trend afterward.

Much like for many other altcoins, 2019 was the cold time for KIN’s positions. It fought for support in the previous year reaching heights of $0,0000063 in March and $0,0000033 in August. As of this article making in December 2019, KIN is trading on the level of $0,000003. The current market cap displayed on the CoinMarketCap portal is $3 840 379 which is number 479 in the rating of over 2000 assets presented on CMC. The daily trading volume of KIN is $175 524. There is 1 214 839 705 290 KIN in circulation at the moment, while the maximum and total supply is set to be 10 trillion KIN. The ROI based on the initial price is −97%.

Despite all the hassles of the crypto market and KIN separately many crypto experts and portals are quite positive about the future of the project.

  • Beincrypto experts believe that KIN will likely face a good period in its lifespan reaching $0,001 in 2020.
  • Tradingbeasts crypto analysis portal has a positive forecast as well. Though its not such ambitious as the previous one, the prediction states that the average KIN price at the end of 2020 will be $0,000009.
  • Captainaltcoin crypto platform predicts the bullish trade of the KIN’s price — the published analysis article states that the currency will soar to the point of $0,0001 in 2020.

This article is not financial advice and proper research is still a must, but we suppose that KIN is an asset worth considering as an investment option.

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