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Nucleus Vision (NCASH) Price 2020

The current price of Nucleus Vision fluctuates around $0.000803; the total market capitalization is $5,097,640 or 629.43422291 BTC, which makes Nucleus Vision one of the 450 most popular digital currencies as of January 2020. The circulating supply is 6,347,501,768 NCASH, while the total supply of NCASH is 10,000,000,000. The daily trading volume is around $205,998 or 25.43573196 BTC. Nucleus Vision is trading on several major markets, yet the most active exchange that trades NCASH is Binance.

The all-time high of Nucleus Vision, $0.051292, was reached on April 30, 2018 – outside the most famous cryptocurrency bull-run of Winter 2017-2018. On the other hand, the all-time low of NCASH, $0.000692, occurred fairly recently on January 3, 2020. Currently, the estimated ROI (return on investment) of Nucleus Vision is -98.07%, which means that $100 worth of NCASH bought at the time of the Nucleus Vision launch would not yield any profit today.

Recent news may provide valuable insight into the development of NCASH. Naturally, the ambitiousness of the roadmap, together with the dynamics of its completion, are very often proportional to the success of the cryptocurrency. Nucleus Vision entered the last quarter of 2019 with considerable progress in many aspects of its business, including expansion, telecom integration, and operations. Just recently, Nucleus Vision launched O2O Attribution system, the first-ever deterministic retail attribution system (the detailed description of the invention can be found under Patent no. 10334426). In short, the Attribution system helps retailers untangle the complicated journey of customers through online and offline channels and perform data-driven, real-time campaigns. The strategy is extremely likely not only to improve customer experience but also to increase sales.

Recent as it is, the Attribution system has attracted a lot of attention in the media. The “path-breaking technology,” as the developers call it, has received a great response from the industry leaders around the world. The innovation is likely to bring Nucleus Vision to the next level since it provides a cutting-edge solution for one of the world’s fastest-growing markets.

According to CoinPredictor, the price of NCASH is going to increase at least by 11.3% and reach the price of $0.001095 by the end of the year. This means that a $1000-worth investment could yield $1113 by October 2020.

What is Nucleus Vision (NCASH)

Nucleus Vision is an IoT retail-based technology platform and company founded in 2014 at Harvard University. Nucleus Vision strives to capture and provide relevant customer data to retailers through real-time sensor technology and blockchain.

Here is a simple real-life example of Nucleus Vision in action. When a person (specifically, an NCASH adopter) enters a store, they instantly receive a message from Nucleus Vision with a discount coupon. Redeeming the coupon and using it once encourages them to shop offline again, thus bringing profit to the retailer.

Here are some of the essential elements of Nucleus Vision that are responsible for the popularity of the platform:

  • ION sensor – the first layer of Nucleus Vision’s technology that is adapted in a plug-and-play model. The sensor allows retailers to capture customer data in real time – right in the brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Neuron – a retailer dashboard which, coupled with the ION sensor, provides insight into consumers’ shopfloor behavior. Also enables the retailer to run contextual product campaigns instantly.
  • nCash Pay – the internal cryptocurrency of the system. It allows retailers to capitalize on the world’s largest digital currency community and sell their products across more than 70 countries at zero transaction fees.
  • O2O Marketing – the patented marketing system which allows retailers to leverage the benefits of customer targeting through online and offline channels. Eliminates the need for huge investments to set up a full-fledged omnichannel infrastructure.

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