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What is DASH?

DASH is a cryptocurrency designed as a link between buyers and sellers. Focusing on scalability and lowering fees, DASH built a new incentivizing system, instant transactions, and a range of other features. Originally DASH was a fork of Litecoin that was initially called "Darkcoin", then the project rebranded to become a DASH, or Digital Cash.

Let’s proceed to details

Why DASH was created?

As it was stated above, DASH started as a fork with the aimed to solve the Bitcoin scalability issues and hence high fees. Also the project is aimed to replace traditional money, and empower buyers and sellers with instant transactions. The project creator Evan Duffield focuses on privacy and lower transaction fees in the project.

How DASH can solve scalability problem?

The key is introducing a hybrid consensus utilizing both between proof-of-work and proof-of-stake protocols running on Masternodes. In Bitcoin miner receive reward for solving puzzle and finding a new block, confirms transactions, propagate network and reaching consensus on the blockchain.

This is a complicated and resource expensive process. Each block is mined only every 10 minutes. Unlike Bitcoin, the DASH network produces 4 blocks for 10 minutes. DASH brand new incentivizing system consists of 3 parts:

DASH Wallet

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How DASH Wallet works?

Wallet creates a mnemonic seed with private keys and addresses for all major cryptocurrencies available. You have full access to them, so you can easily move your funds to other services. Wallet works only with nodes, block explorers and certificated APIs (Changelly, Simplex). All the rates are collected from CoinMarketCap. Supported assets: BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, LTC + others top 30 assets and over 200 tokens.

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DASH ecosystem:

Let’s return to the coolest features of DASH and take a closer look.


Miners are interested in the reward for block finding. When Miners find a new block, the reward for solving the puzzle then separated on the three parties:

  • 45% goes to the miner itself
  • 45% goes to the masternodes
  • 10% goes to the Treasury (founders)
  • Nodes network

    Nodes are servers that hold the whole history of transactions and distribute the network to peers. They enable the peers to synchronize and distribute the information quickly

    The main role of full nodes is to update information on the latest transactions and newly created blocks to prevent DASH blockchain from double spending, attacks and etc. Full nodes are vital for the network stability.

    What are Masternodes?

    Masternodes are like full nodes, but they have some additional requirements: first of all the investment requirement equal to 1000 DASH plus commitment to provide their services to the network. Why would people invest in Masternodes? Because they receive dividends for the service (45% from the block found by miners + transaction fee).

    Why such an investment is needed? It's a long-term cooperation with the DASH network, which means that Masternode is interested in the Network stability and will have reasons to provide services with the highest efforts.

    Masternodes Proof-of-Service

    Nodes are constantly pings each other to check if they remain active. Approximately 1% of the network will be checked for each block. This results in the entire network being checked about six times per day. In order to keep this system trustless, nodes are being selected randomly via the Quorum system. After 6 violations node will be automatically deactivated.

    DASH is also protected from 51% attack. You need to buy 1.000.000 DASH and will still have 0.6% probability to succeed. Because Masternodes participate in quorum to propagate the block to the blockchain. To proceed with the chain of blocks accepted by other malicious masternodes they should be randomly picked 6 times in a row, otherwise, good acting masternodes will reject this chain.

    Private Send

    One of the problems in Bitcoin blockchain is fungibility. Fungibility means that coins can be unequal in price if some of them were traced in illegal operations. The Private Send feature helps to maintain fungibility by swapping coins among users to break the traceable history of coins.

    How it works?

    It works as joint payment with multiple inputs and outputs. It happens when users are willing to mix transactions together to improve privacy and anonymity. At least 3 users required to make a mixed transaction. In this case, it's harder to track a user's identity.

    But it's still easy to track or identify the user if he uses exchange or other services. You can fully track the history of transaction's by the user's address.

    Instant Send

    Instant Send allows users to send transactions fast. It works when consensus between all nodes are not required. Masternode quorums utlizied, users are able to send and receive instant irreversible transactions. Once a quorum has been formed, the inputs of the transaction are locked to only be spendable in a specific transaction, a transaction lock takes about four seconds to be set currently on the network. If consensus is reached on a lock by the Masternode network, all conflicting transactions or conflicting blocks would be rejected thereafter, unless they matched the exact transaction ID of the lock in place.

    DASH Coin

    DASH coin is one of the major cryptocurrencies nowadays. Plenty of companies accept is as a payment means. Merchants and buyers use DASH as it's fast and has low fees. You can get a ticket to a plane, rent a car, buy food, invest, or you can exchange DASH to the other cryptocurrencies.

    Where to store DASH?

    Try out new non-custodial solution. Via Atomic Wallet interface you can easily manage DASH and over 300 top assets. Only you have control over your funds. Private keys never leave your device.

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