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What is THETA?

Theta coin is a key instrument for video promotion through a blockchain base. The Theta token has an aim to benefit the customers and build relationships between content makers and advertisers. Theta platform is a development of Theta Labs, which in its turn is a subsidiary of

Theta project was developed by two IT experts, Mitch Liu, and Jieyi Long. Both of them have a degree in computer science. Mitch has also studied in the Stanford Graduate School of Business and is a co-founder of such companies as, Gameview studios, Tapjoy. Theta team is also represented by Ryan Nichols. He is responsible for product development and the platform He has a big experience in launching digital money for many platforms. Ryan is also a Head of Tencent.

Features of Theta coin

Nowadays video content makes almost 70% of all Internet traffic. Furthermore, so-called streaming covers the bigger part of it. If you analyze Internet traffic in general, you will agree it is a giant video system with very big mega-content nodes that are responsible for the distribution.
It reminds a decentralized system much more than a free internet structure. It all has led to the idea of Theta Network and the creation of Theta Token. The project’s purpose is to considerably change the video industry. It is not a cheap process to deliver video to different parts of the globe.

Theta platform is designed specifically for decentralizing streaming services. It is open, which indicates that the project is easily accessible to all creators and partners. The decentralized peer-to-peer Theta system advances video distribution, greatly reducing costs. Building a transparent foundation for decentralized video streams is what Theta plans to achieve.

Theta coin price

The project of Theta blockchain was opened in early 2018. The cost of Theta today is $0.132284, and the turnover for 24 hours is $12 483 379. Now the circulation is 743.0 million, the total number of coins reaches 1.0 billion.

The most active exchange for Theta coin is Binance.
The triggering of the Theta-token was highly anticipated due to its famous participants. Steve Chen and Justin Kahn became the advisers of the project (they are Youtube and Twitch co-founders respectively). Both platforms, with the value of billion dollars after the acquisition of Google and Amazon, are on the ultimate supply-side of video for digital content creators, gamers, bloggers, musicians, etc. Theta is also invested by many giants in the technology sector, most notably Samsung and Sony.

One of the most anticipated events of the Theta platform is the start of Mainnet (it is also known as Native Theta Network). It began its work in March 2019.

Theta coin. Priority tasks of the network.

  • To develop a rewarding system for caching video stream and its rebroadcasting.
  • The viewers can give Theta to support video makers.
  • Theta can be a source of advertising campaigns financing.
  • The customers can receive a profit from the advertisers for viewing their content.


Of course, the creation of such a large-scale platform cannot be completed within a short period of time. Theta project needs much more time for improving its features. Currently, all efforts are concentrated on the blockchain part of the network. But in general, the project has already greatly succeeded integrating its markers in platform.

THETA wallet

The Theta token is aimed at rewarding users of the content and those who share their content through the Theta network. The users can also share the tokens with the makers of the content and in this way encourage content creation.

Theta is an ERC20 token type, and it can be stored in Atomic Wallet, like any other Ethereum token. Atomic Wallet allows managing over 300 coins and tokens in a single interface. It is easy for handling, and it offers quality customer support. Atomic wallet is available for all main operating systems, and you’re welcome to try it!

Regarding the recent news, the holders of the Cosmos (ATOM) tokens at Poloniex will be able to earn rewards for the asset staking automatically. The exchange will add the following feature this summer.

Cosmos Takeaways

Cosmos is a future network of interoperable blockchains, which is aimed at solving current problems of the ecosystem, such as scalability and interaction of blockchains.

The Cosmos ecosystem is fully customizable, with its policies for each zone/hub, regulated by validators through governance procedures. Delegates also indirectly participate in the management procedure, choosing trusted validators, which encourages the latter to work stably.

What is more, the large community of the Cosmos project is actively involved in the development of the platform. Unfortunately, the Cosmos team does not have influential partners from the traditional economy, which could potentially become the primary users of the network.

Cosmos Wallet

The Cosmos platform offers a variety of wallets for its users; however, the Atomic Wallet is one of the best solutions.

The main features of the project:

  • Atomic Wallet offers its users unique opportunities when working with Cosmos (ATOM): it is the safest, most reliable, transparent, and decentralized wallet.
  • Atomic Swap Exchange - use the decentralized Atomic Swap Exchange to switch to cross-chain swaps, avoiding third-party risks.
  • Security - thanks to innovative encryption, all users of the wallet can protect their assets from the encroachments of cyber fraudsters.
  • Multi-Currency - Atomic Wallet currently supports over 300+ coins and tokens. This is the most convenient way to process all crypto-assets.
  • Instant exchange via Changelly, ChangeNOW, and ShapeShift.

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