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Latest release 1.34.0

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Update History

With every single new release, Atomic Wallet becomes more robust, more universal, more friendly.
There is always room for improvements, so we noted your suggestions carefully in order to take another step towards perfection.

Release 1.34.0

  1. Added EOS-based tokens support.
  2. Zcash Sapling hardfork support.
  3. Option to buy XRP with bank card.
  1. Added USD value and daily rates for every asset.
  2. Full asset names and tickers shown in portfolio.
  3. Alert about insufficient ETH for ERC20 token sending.
  4. Alert about unspendable 20 XRP and 1 XLM deposits.
  5. Fixed issue with sending large amounts.
  6. Hide zero balance filter fixed.
  1. Enhanced transactions history loading time.
  2. Show details for Ethereum transactions.
  3. New icons for custom tokens.
  1. Interface performance improvement.
  2. Coins sorting by the amount in the assets list.
  3. Added status popup about funds sending to exchange.
  4. Empty exchange screen bug fixed.

Release 0.1.33 beta


We’ve implemented the option that allows you to buy cryptocurrencies for fiat and crafted the user interface by making it more comprehensive. We’ve also added Cardano (ADA) to complete the top-10 list of available cryptos. Below is the full list of all the updates you can enjoy in our freshly released 1.33 version.

  1. Cardano (ADA).
  1. Buy crypto with your bank card directly in the Atomic Wallet interface. Assets availabe to purchase: (BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH). Supported cards: Visa and Mastercard.
  2. New pop-up hints prevent you from sending the incorrect amount of ETH, XRP or XLM.
  3. Now you can report errors and bugs directly to our support. Error descriptions will help us fix and resolve your issue way faster.
  4. EOS available for the instant exchange via Changelly.
  5. Nodes rotation for EOS. The wallet automatically switches to stable EOS nodes.
    1. Sending the precise amount of all ERC20 tokens at once.
    1. Windows
    2. MacOS
    3. Ubuntu
    4. Debian
    5. Fedora

Release 0.1.32 beta

  1. EOS (including account activation).
  2. Tezos (XTZ) main net.
  3. SmartCash (SMART).
  1. "Send All" button added to withdraw/exchange the whole available amount.
  2. "Paste Address" button added for the recepient address field.
  3. Available amount for XRP and XLM is shown after deducting non-spendable balance.
  1. DOGE history reflected correctly for the multiple inputs.
  2. XRP private key import fixed.
  3. Decimals displayed correctly in the Instant Exchange interface.
  4. Fixed the issue with TRON (TRX). Moved to the new node.

Release 0.1.31 beta

  1. Vechain (VET), VeThor (VTHO).
  2. Decred (DCR).
  3. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD).
  1. Exchange rate autoupdate bug fixed.
  2. BTG: Zero balance and import bugs fixed.

Update History

Release 0.1.30 beta

  1. Rate calculated in Exchange tab now updated every 20 seconds.
  2. All errors on the Instant Exchange tab now showing on the mid screen.
  1. Now you can send large amounts of tokens.
  2. Gas price calculation for tokens fixed. This increased transactions speed.
  3. Minor UI improvements and bugs fixes.

Release 0.1.29 beta

  1. XLM, XRP and BCH now Available in Instant Exchange
  2. Instant Exchange interface improvements
  3. USD balance reflection for tokens improved
  4. You can now save an errors.log file in the "Settings" tab
  5. MacOS and Windows versions are now certificated
  1. DOGE, TPAY, BTG (Bitcoin Gold) added to Atomic Wallet
  2. CHE, DAI and GARD tokens now available in Atomic Wallet
  1. Balances accuracy improved
  2. Scroll improved

Release 0.1.28 beta

  1. 13 top assets and 350 tokens now available in Atomic Wallet.
  2. Atomic Swaps now available for all BTC-LTC-QTUM pairs.
  3. Built-in updates notification now added in Atomic Wallet.
  4. Atomic Swap order execution simplified.
  5. Custom token feature now available.
  6. Performance improved.
  1. TRON, XMR, XLM, XRP, LTC, BTC, QTUM and 5 other top assets now available in Atomic Wallet.
  1. Now you can cancel Swaps.
  2. ETH private key import fixed.
  3. Minor interface bugs fixed.

Release 0.1.26 beta

  1. Swaps automatically executed after you send a swap request
  2. Swap system improved: you can reconnect to swaps after internet connection was lost
  1. TRON (TRX) now supported in Atomic Wallet Instant Exchange via Changelly
  1. Monero bug fixed
  2. UI bugs fixed

Release 0.1.25 beta

  1. XMR: now you can check Payment ID in transaction's history.
  2. Now all bugs will be registered in the errors.log file
  3. When you click on the transaction's hash - it will automatically opens transaction webpage in your browser
  4. Refresh button added
  5. Swap process improved
  1. New API for XMR
  2. DGB balances now reflecting correctly
  3. Unsuccessfull XRP transaction now will be reflecting correctly in Atomic Wallet interface
  4. Swap history now reflecting correctly
  5. Swap refund function fixed

Release 0.1.24 beta

  1. "Add Token" feature improved
  2. Updated network fee
  1. XMR
  1. Now you can Cancel Swaps
  2. Minor interface bugs fixed