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Latest release 2.28.1

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Manage your crypto wisely! Learn how to setup Atomic Wallet to send, receive, exchange and buy cryptocurrency.

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Update History

Desktop Release 2.28.1

  1. Holo (HOT) rate and price chart fixed.

Desktop Release 2.28.0

  1. New exchange order interface with the exchange status progress bar.
  1. YEC and GRS balances and sending fixed.
  2. Resending of stuck ETH/ERC20 transactions fixed.
  3. Exchange order status updates fixed.
  4. BNB duplication on the exchange interface fixed.
  5. Disappearing exchange network fee while user is inactive fixed.

Desktop Release 2.27.1

  1. Atom Stargate update supported.
  2. Polkadot - 1 DOT existential deposit is withdrawable.
  3. ETH network fee calculation improved.
  4. ETH and ERC20 transactions stuck pending due to the low network fee will be re-sent with a higher fee.
  5. New exchange status ‘Awaiting deposit’ – means the deposit is not yet recognized by the exchange partner or that deposit transaction was not initiated at all.
  1. XVG sending fixed.

Desktop Release 2.26.5

  1. DOT sending fixed.
  2. XTZ history displaying fixed.

Desktop Release 2.26.4

  1. ETH, ERC20 network fee calculation improved.

Desktop Release 2.26.3

  1. XRP exchange fixed.
  2. ZIL balance fixed.
  3. XRP tfFullyCanonicalSig flag enabled.

Desktop Release 2.26.2

  1. ZIL balance fixed.
  2. XRP tfFullyCanonicalSig flag enabled.

Desktop Release 2.26.1

  1. We split tokens by smart contracts . Now you can manage tokens with the same tickers (names) separately.
  2. We improved new tokens landing - icons of the new tokens will appear in your wallet without an app update.
  3. We hide some rarely used tokens, you can turn them back on in the filters setting.
  1. ZIL balance, sending, staking fixed.
  2. gZIL network fee fixed.
  3. KMD staking reward fixed.

Desktop Release 2.26.0

  1. We split tokens by smart contracts . Now you can manage tokens with the same tickers (names) separately.
  2. We improved new tokens landing - icons of the new tokens will appear in your wallet without an app update.
  3. We hid some rarely used tokens, you can turn them back on in the filters setting.

Desktop Release 2.25.1

  1. Real time refreshing of Tezos bakers list added. We show only relevant and trusted bakers checked by BakingBad. Also you can add any baker with the "Custom baker" option.
  1. TRX, TRX-USDT, JUST, BTT balances fixed.
  2. Fixed some mistakes in Flare/Spark airdrop UI.
  3. Hedera (HBAR) memo format fixed. Now accepted letters and numbers.

Desktop Release 2.25.0

  1. Flare/Spark token airdrop supported. Click on gear icon>Claim Flare.
  2. AAVE added. Available for exchange and buy with a credit card.
  3. Buy DGB, XEM with a credit card directly in the wallet and earn cash back rewards.
  1. Claim ADA rewards fixed.

Desktop Release 2.24.1

  1. Get cashback for making an exchange and buying crypto with the Free Membership Program for everyone next week! The Blue level starts at 0 AWC until December 6.
  1. Exchange - network fee fixed for ERC20 tokens.
  2. Fixed UI bug with selecting custom validator for ADA staking.

Desktop Release 2.24.0

  1. ADA decentralized staking available.
  2. ICX decentralized staking available.
  1. ZEC sending fixed.

Desktop Release 2.23.0

  1. gZIL - Governance ZIL token added. For each ZIL claimed from staking you will receive 0.001 gZIL.
  1. ZIL claiming reward fee fixed.
  2. Fixed issue with installing Atomic Wallet on Windows.

Desktop Release 2.22.0

  1. Added decentralized ZIL staking. Stake ZIL with Atomic Wallet validator.
  1. DOT sending fixed.
  2. XMR stability and performance improved.

Desktop Release 2.21.1

  1. Minor performance improvements.
  1. BAND sending and staking fixed.
  2. DOT sending fixed.

Desktop Release 2.21.0

  1. High-speed balance and history updating for XTZ, KMD, VET and VTHO.
  2. Optimized work of network connections which brings a more seamless experience to the wallet.
  1. Minor bug fixes.

Desktop Release 2.20.0

  1. Welcome a new coin – Monero! Manage, exchange a fully anonymous coin XMR in a secure way, and stay in control of your funds.
  2. Welcome Polkadot – a sharded protocol that enables blockchain networks to operate together.
  1. Claim ADA fixed for addresses with a big amount of UTXO.

Desktop Release 2.19.0

  1. ADA blockchain entered a new era with Shelley upgrade. The upgrade established a new address format. Please note, that your old ADA address will be automatically replaced with a new one. To transfer the balance from the old address to a new one please use “Claim ADA’ menu  (gears icon in the coin page). The new address format will be used for ADA staking, supported in the next releases.
  2. New diagram portfolio. Keep track of your portfolio and monitor you assets in a new visual format.
  1. Bugfix: XVG sending fixed.

Desktop Release 2.18.2

  1. UI performance improved.
  1. Empty Exchange/Buy crypto screen fixed
  2. ADA sending fixed

Desktop Release 2.18.1

  1. UI performance improved.
  1. ZEC sending fixed

Desktop Release 2.18.0

  1. Speeding up: instant balance and history updates for KMD, BCD, BNB & BEP2 tokens.
  2. History improved: now you can see the transaction instantly in the history tab after sending your crypto.
  3. Improved ADA stability.
  4. New ERC20 token: Compound (COMP).
  5. Buy QTUM, ICX with a credit card directly in the wallet and earn cash back rewards.
  6. New rates for joining the Membership program – Basic level now starts at 300 AWC.
  7. UI performance improved.
  1. KMD, BCD, ONT/ONG balance, sending fixed
  2. KMD, TRX staking improved
  3. The history for BEP-2 multisend transactions fixed.

Desktop Release 2.17.0

  1. Staking AWC is now available on desktop.
  2. Welcome a new coin – BAND! Also available for staking.
  3. History for JST, WINK and USDT TRC20 added. Track your transactions with an ease.
  4. We’re keeping improving our charts: now even more accurate prices on graphs.
  5. Improved overall wallet performance.
  1. We have fixed the delay with password field appearance when logging in.
  2. BNB history fixed

Desktop Release 2.16.0

  1. New price chart section. Follow the market trends on a completely new level without leaving the app.
  2. ICON coin added. Hold and exchange ICX in a secure way. Staking coming soon.
  3. Join our Membership program and collect cash back in AWC from buying with a credit card and making exchanges inside the wallet. Take advantage of our welcome bonus for the first purchase or exchange.
  4. Speeding up: instant balance updates for ATOM and TRX.
  5. Improved TRX staking. Stake within seconds and collect your rewards with a claim button.
  6. JUST Airdrop interface added to the staking section.
  7. Buying crypto history now syncs properly between your devices.
  1. Improved network fee calculation for BTC, ETH and ERC20 tokens
  2. KMD staking fixed
  3. Fixed sorting in history of transactions.

Desktop Release 2.15.4

  1. With many changes hidden from your eyes, we’ve made a huge performance optimization throughout the entire application: wallet works better, faster and consumes less resources.
  2. More accurate coins prices. Updated every minute.
  3. Long-awaited export of transaction history in CSV format added. Track and manage your finances.
  4. More details to the exchange history: hash of outgoing and incoming transactions and cashback amount added.
  1. Price charts displaying bug fixed.

Desktop Release 2.14.0

  1. New asset: Hedera added.
  2. Dash and stable coins: DAI, PAX, BUSD are now available for buying with a credit card.
  3. You can buy crypto with your local fiat currency! USD, EUR, AUD, RUB, KRW, CHF, CZK, DKK, NOK, NZD, PLN, SEK, TRY, ZAR, HUF, ILS are now available.
  4. Available TRX voices can be staked.
  5. BTT, WINk airdrop rewards calculation is now based on a total balance.
  1. Sending ADA, ONT/ONG, ARK fixed.
    1. Windows
    2. MacOS
    3. Ubuntu
    4. Debian
    5. Fedora

Desktop Release 2.13.1

  1. Added financial format for balances
  2. Minor interface improvements
  1. EOS balance and history fixed
    1. Windows
    2. MacOS
    3. Ubuntu
    4. Debian
    5. Fedora

Desktop Release 2.13.0

  1. NANO is now available for buying with a credit card.
  2. Added possibility to cancel an exchange.
  3. Wallet’s list performance improved.
  4. ‘Send’ screen improved.
  1. ERC20 ETH tokens out of gas error fixed.
  2. ETC history fixed.
  3. Sending to .crypto domains bug fixed.
  4. NEO exchange bug fixed.
  5. Sending ADA fixed.

Desktop Release 2.12.0

  1. Staking for Tezos, ATOM, Tron, Komodo, ONT/ONG, NEO/GAS, ALGO, VET/VTHO, BTT, WINk.
  2. Improved sending for large UTXO transactions, especially for miners.
  3. Improved wallet interface and performance
  4. Now you can delegate Tezos on any custom baker
  1. AE balance & history fixed.
  2. Calculation for Membership reward fixed.

Desktop Release 2.11.0

  1. New asset: Nano added.
  2. Zcash blossom upgrade support.
  3. Cosmos hub3 support for ATOM.
  4. Instant balance update for ETH & tokens.
  5. New asset Algorand with staking support – hold ALGO in the wallet and get rewards for it!
  6. Extended list of XTZ bakers.
  1. Fixed sending ETH and tokens (nonce too low).
  2. Fixed incorrect balance for tokens with zero decimals.
  3. Fixed issue with showing incorrect or expired balance.
  4. History for TRX, BTT fixed.
  1. Windows
  2. MacOS
  3. Ubuntu
  4. Debian
  5. Fedora

Desktop Release 2.9.0

  1. New coin Aeternity (AE) added. Manage Aeternity in one simple interface.
  2. Tezos (XTZ) staking added – earn passive income through owning a stake in the issuance of XTZ.
  3. Fixed issue with showing incorrect or expired balance.
  4. Unstoppable Domains supported for all the assets – you can set a human-readable address for BTC, ETH, ZIL, LTC, TRX and any assets you like!
  5. Custom fees for sending ETH and ETH-tokens added – now you can adjust the custom fees to proceed fast or cheap transactions.
  6. Instant balance and history updates for XRP, XLM – now you can view transaction updates instantly in the wallet.
  1. History for VET/VTHO, XLM, ETH and tokens fixed.
  2. App name and auto-update for Windows fixed.
  3. Sending BCD bug fixed.
  4. Fixed bug with adding Custom token.

Desktop Release 2.8.0

  1. Staking and buying ATOM with a credit card is now available. Earn daily with staking rewards. Buy ATOM with a credit card within the wallet and delegate it to one of the trusted validators.
  2. XTZ Babylon proposal supported.
  3. TRX is now available for buying with a credit card. Hold TRX in the wallet and get BTT and WINK monthly airdrops from Tron Foundation.
  4. XVG added. Deposit, withdraw, hold and exchange XVG in a secure way.
  5. Instant balance and history updates for QTUM, ZEC, BTG.
  6. Supported sending BTC to Bech32 addresses.
  1. DGB sending issue fixed.
  2. Fixed issue with sending ERC20 tokens like ADX, DCN, PTOY and others.
  3. Fixed VET, VTHO balance and history.
  4. Sending and exchanging XTZ issues fixed.

Desktop Release 2.7.1

  1. Adjustable window width
  2. Redesigned assets list, added columns: price charts, portfolio, marketcap.
  3. Added coin info page with transactions history
  4. Added new assets: Komodo (KMD)Raven (RVN) and ARK
  5. New coins in exchange: Komodo (KMD)Raven (RVN) and ARK
  6. Instant balances update and notifications for RVNBSV
  7. Ability to use unconfirmed inputs for sending and exchange RVNBSV
  8. Improved ZILDCR stability
  1. Fixed empty ETH and ERC20 tokens history.

Desktop Release 2.6.0

  1. Instant updates for BTCLTCDASHDGBBCH and DOGE balances and history.
  2. Ability to use unconfirmed inputs for sending and exchange BTCLTCDASHDGBBCHDOGE.
  3. Added Zilliqa (ZIL).
  4. Added XLM purchase via credit card.
  5. Optimized interface performance.
  6. Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  1. VeChain reverted transactions fixed
  2. Auto-update for Windows.
  3. ATOM, DCR exchange and sending.

Desktop Release 2.5.1

  1. YCash added Read here, how to claim.
  2. Wink-TRC20 token added.
  1. Exchange fixed for TRON, USDT-ERC20, BSV, BTT and QTUM assets.
  2. Fixed bug with missing USDT-TRC20 token balance.
  3. QTUM balance and sending issues fixed.

Desktop Release 2.4.0

  1. Added Membership Program with cashback for exchange.
  2. Now you can buy AWC-BNB through the wallet interface.
  3. Saved exchange history while restoring the wallet with mnemonic.
  1. VTHO, VET, ADA sending fixed.
  2. Fixed bug with missing USDT-TRC20 token balance.
  3. Creating an EOS account bug fixed.

Desktop Release 2.3.2

  1. Added wizard for sending crypto.
  2. Now you can send crypto choosing fiat value.
  3. Adjust the fee for sending BTC, LTC manually.
  4. Added feature to manage any ERC20 custom token by contract address.
  5. Support page updated.
  1. VTHO, DGB sending fixed.
  2. Fixed bug with missing ETH token balances.
  3. VET/VTHO history bug fixed.
  4. ETH balance fixed.
  5. BTC balance fixed (if Bench32 address occurred in tx history).
  6. ATOM private key format updated.

Desktop Release 2.2.0

  1. Exchange history tab added.
  2. Added QR-codes with private keys/mnemonic seed
  3. Airdrop distribution switched to AWC-BNB addresses.
  4. BNB is now available to purchase with a credit card.
  5. Added Autoupdates to the History tab.
  1. Added precise local currency rates for cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  2. ETH tokens fees calculation bug fixed.
  3. TRX Asset filters bug fixed.
  4. BNB tokens displaying fixed.
  5. NEO GAS claim fixed.
  6. TRXXTZ sending fixed
  7. Fixed password error on the restore from a backup screen.
  8. Buy Crypto: Payment ID copy to clipboard fix in the history tab.

Desktop Release 2.1.0

  2. New Wallet Core.
  3. Performance gradually improved.
  4. New assets: GRS, XEM, WAVES, LSK, ATOM, ONT, ONG.
  5. Wallet window is now vertically resizable.
  1. ERC20 tokens rates displaying bug fixed.
  2. VET, DASH sending bug fixed.
  3. XTZ, VTHO balances bug fixed.

Desktop Release 1.39.1

  1. Amount issue on sending BNB fixed
  2. Added Memo tag for BNB.
  3. BNB main net is now available for exchange.

Desktop Release 1.39.0

  1. Binance Chain (BNB) main net support.
  2. You can swap your old ERC20 BNB to main net Binance Chain via our partner

Desktop Release 1.38.5

  1. Migration to the new TRON node, stability improvement
  2. Interface performance improvements
  1. KIN memo issue fixed, available to enter letters
  2. Bug fixes for ADA, DOGE and VET sending
  3. Proxy node for XTZ, fixes for balances and sending

Desktop Release 1.38.4

  1. KIN main net supported
  2. EOS, ADA sending issues fixed

Desktop Release 1.38.3

  1. Automatic updates for rates.
  2. UI performance improvements.
  1. Performance improvement for local currencies switching.
  2. Bug fixes for Decred.
  3. Rates fix for HOT, DCN, DENT.
  4. Fixed bug with the total amount.

Desktop Release 1.38.1

  1. Added price in local currency for every available asset.
  1. Dash and EOS sending issues fixed.
  2. Performance improved: smooth tabs / local currency switch.

Desktop Release 1.38.0

  1. BitTorrent token (BTT). We support BTT Airdrop for Tron holders.
  2. Local currencies support USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, and 20+ others.
  1. Tron issues fixed. Migrated to the new API.

Desktop Release 1.37.2

  1. Added history export to CSV.
  2. Balances caching added.
  1. History display issue fixed.
  2. Minor bugs fixes for sending BTC, LTC, ETC.
  3. Security breach fixed for Tezos

Desktop Release 1.37.1

  1. Node rotation. Now when the node lay down we can switch to another one without wallet update.
  2. EUR currency support. Click on the USD balance on the top left corner to switch from USD.
  3. EOS activation contract address changed from signupeos to accountcreat.
  1. Send all fixed. Now you may change the amount after clicking on “Send All” button. And for the most currencies after Send All you won’t see the dust amount left on your balance.
  2. ETH private key import fixed.
  3. Errors correctly displayed if the exchange pair is unavailable.

Release 1.37.0

  1. New exchange patner: ChangeNOW (higher limits and better fees).
  2. NEO GAS is automatically claimed when you launch the wallet.
  1. Cardano/ADA sending issue fixed.
  2. Added dynamic fees for Ethereum based tokens.
  3. Added dynamic fees for BTC like coins (BTCBCHLTC & others).
  4. An issue with big number (BN.js) for ethereum/tokens sending fixed.
  5. Vechain (VET/VTHO) sending issue fixed.
  6. Fixed issues with import from other wallets.

Release 1.36.0

  1. Bitcoin SV support. Please check our guide about reply protection and coins split.
  2. Dynamic commission calculated in real time for ETH and ERC20 tokens.
  1. Cardano/ADA sending issue fixed.
  2. Tezos/XTZ sending issue fixed.
  3. DigiByte/DGB node update. Balance and history are reflecting properly.
  4. Zcash/ZEC node update. Balance and history are reflecting properly. Added t3 addresses validation.
  5. “Send All” issue fixed.
  6. Letters are available in Stellar/XLM memo ID field.
  7. Offline application crash fixed.

Release 1.35.1

  1. New assets added: NEO + GAS.
  2. Bitcoin Cash update: our node works on BCHABC codebase. Important: Due to no reply protection, transactions will be broadcasted both on the BCHABC and BCHSV chains.
  3. Token list cached in the wallet. It gradually improves asset loading time.
  4. USD value and 24h rate fluctuation are changing dynamically with balances update.
  5. Dynamic fees implemented for all bitcoin-like coins – BTC, LTC, BCH, DCR, DASH, DGB, BTG, ZEC, QTUM and DOGE. Transactions fees depends on the network state
  1. VTHO, VET, ERC20 and BCD sending bugs fixed.
  2. Exchange crashes fixed.
  3. ETC balance correctly reflected in the interface.
  4. Transaction history no-show fixed.
  5. EOS balance and private keys correctly reflected in the interface.
  6. Fixed the issue with Cardano/ADA.
    Balances are reflected correctly, deposits and withdrawals available. However our Cardano node is still a bit unstable, transactions in some cases are not broadcasting properly.
  7. Fixed the issue with the “Send All” option.

Release 1.34.0

  1. Added EOS-based tokens support.
  2. Zcash Sapling hardfork support.
  3. Option to buy XRP with a bank card.
  4. Added USD value and daily rates for every asset.
  5. Full asset names and tickers showed in the portfolio.
  6. Alert about insufficient ETH for ERC20 token sending.
  7. Alert about unspendable 20 XRP and 1 XLM deposit.
  8. Fixed issue with sending large amounts.
  9. Hide zero balance filter fixed.
  10. Enhanced transaction history loading time.
  11. Show details for Ethereum transactions.
  12. New icons for custom tokens.
  1. Interface performance improvement.
  2. Coins sorting by the amount in the assets list.
  3. Added status popup about funds sending to exchange.
  4. Empty exchange screen bug fixed.

Release 0.1.33 beta

  1. Added Cardano (ADA)
  2. Buy crypto with your bank card directly in the Atomic Wallet interface. Assets are available to purchase: (BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH). Supported cards: Visa and Mastercard.
  3. New pop-up hints prevent you from sending the incorrect amount of ETH, XRP or XLM.
  4. Now you can report errors and bugs directly to our support. Error descriptions will help us fix and resolve your issue way faster.
  5. EOS is available for instant exchange via Changelly.
  6. Nodes rotation for EOS. The wallet automatically switches to stable EOS nodes
  1. Sending the precise amount of all ERC20 tokens at once.

Release 0.1.32 beta

  1. EOS (including account activation).
  2. Tezos (XTZ) main net.
  3. SmartCash (SMART).
  4. “Send All” button added to withdraw/exchange the whole available amount.
  5. “Paste Address” button added for the recipient address field.
  6. The available amount for XRP and XLM is shown after deducting non-spendable balance.
  1. DOGE history reflected correctly for multiple inputs.
  2. XRP private key import fixed.
  3. Decimals displayed correctly in the Instant Exchange interface.
  4. Fixed the issue with TRON (TRX). Moved to the new node.

Release 0.1.31 beta

  1. Vechain (VET), VeThor (VTHO).
  2. Decred (DCR).
  3. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD).
  1. Exchange rate autoupdate bug fixed.
  2. BTG: Zero balance and import bugs fixed.

Release 0.1.30 beta

  1. Rate calculated in the Exchange tab now updated every 20 seconds.
  2. All errors on the Instant Exchange tab now showing on the mid-screen.
  1. Now you can send large amounts of tokens.
  2. Gas price calculation for tokens fixed. This increased transaction speed.
  3. Minor UI improvements and bugs fixes.

Release 0.1.29 beta

  1. XLMXRP and BCH now Available in Instant Exchange
  2. Instant Exchange interface improvements
  3. USD balance reflection for tokens improved
  4. You can now save an errors.log file in the “Settings” tab
  5. MacOS and Windows versions are now certificated
  6. DOGETPAY, BTG (Bitcoin Gold) added to Atomic Wallet
  7. CHE, DAI and GARD tokens now available in Atomic Wallet
  1. Balances accuracy improved
  2. Scroll improved

Release 0.1.28 beta

  1. 13 top assets and 350 tokens are now available in Atomic Wallet.
  2. Atomic Swaps now available for all BTC-LTC-QTUM pairs.
  3. Built-in updates notification now added in Atomic Wallet.
  4. Atomic Swap order execution simplified.
  5. The custom token feature now available.
  6. Performance improved.
  7. TRONXMRXLMXRPLTCBTCQTUM and 5 other top assets are now available in Atomic Wallet.
  1. Now you can cancel Swaps.
  2. ETH private key import fixed.
  3. Minor interface bugs fixed.

Release 0.1.26 beta

  1. Swaps automatically executed after you send a swap request
  2. Swap system improved: you can reconnect to swaps after internet connection was lost
  3. TRON (TRX) now supported in Atomic Wallet Instant Exchange via Changelly
  1. Monero bug fixed
  2. UI bugs fixed

Release 0.1.25 beta

  1. XMR: now you can check Payment ID in transaction history.
  2. Now all bugs will be registered in the errors.log file
  3. When you click on the transaction’s hash – it will automatically open transaction webpage in your browser
  4. Refresh button added
  5. Swap process improved
  1. New API for XMR
  2. DGB balances now reflecting correctly
  3. Unsuccessful XRP transaction now will be reflecting correctly in Atomic Wallet interface
  4. Swap history now reflecting correctly
  5. Swap refund function fixed

Release 0.1.24 beta

    1. “Add Token” feature improved
    2. Updated network fee
    3. XMR added
  1. Now you can Cancel Swaps
  2. Minor interface bugs fixed
Even more features are coming

Thank you for downloading Atomic!

Your support helps us build a stronger and convenient platform. A lot of interesting features are coming soon!