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Benefits of an Atomic Tron Wallet

  • Only you control your private keys
  • You can manage 300+ coins and tokens
  • Exchange 100+ cryptocurrencies and get 1% cash back
  • Buy BTC, SOL, SHIB, and 30+ assets with your bank card
  • Stake 10+ coins with up to 20% yearly yield

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Install the app on your phone or PC

Create a new wallet (or import an existing wallet)

Buy crypto or make a deposit

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Sort your crypto assets by their amount and value to take control of your portfolio.


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Buy BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, and BCM using your bank card. We accept USD, EUR, and other local currencies across the world.

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Earn between 5% to 20% APY by staking XTZ, ATOM, BAND, TRON, and more.

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As always, Atomic Wallet has been super fast and convenient with all my transactions.

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Best wallet out there!! Exchange feature is great and cheap which is a major plus!

Anne Mwai

I love that I can almost do anything in AW I can purchase and exchange Crypto very easily, very user friendly.


Sending coins from AW is super easy, safe and with no extra fees or limitations.


Great platform, really easy to use, nothing complicated, everything a beginner or pro trading crypto would want.

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TRON (TRX) Wallet

TRX (TRON) wallet, or any other crypto wallet for that matter, is an app or a device, which purpose is to safely store users' TRX private keys. These keys are needed to sign a transaction (sending your crypto assets from one wallet to another wallet or a platform). There are many different types of TRON wallets, and each of them has its pros and cons. Before diving into more details about the wallets, let us first take a closer look at the TRON blockchain itself and see what it's all about.

TRON ecosystem


The project was founded by Justin Sun, the creator of the Peiwo app - a Chinese alternative to Snapchat that already has more than 10 million users. Justin Sun works with Feng Li (advisor of Ripple) and is listed in the Forbes Asia Top-30 list. TRON ecosystem is run by experienced blockchain enthusiasts who were previously involved in Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu and claim to be dedicated to the establishment of a truly decentralized infrastructure.

TRON blockchain already has several big partnerships with Bitmain - a leading producer and designer of ASIC chips used for Bitcoin mining.


The main concept behind TRON is the creation of a decentralized data distribution platform for digital entertainment, using blockchain technology. It's made possible because the network can store smart contracts TRON blockchain is considered a fast, secure, and censorship-free alternative to current digital content platforms such as Youtube or iTunes, which may have too much control over the content creators and developers who work for it.


The Tronix token (TRX) is used to power the network and encourage content creators within the blockchain. The concept behind TRON is to provide the participants with a fair and reasonable distribution of income, which is generated by the content of the platform itself. Notably, TRX is capable of handling 2000 transactions per second (just compare it to Bitcoin’s 7 or Ethereum’s 15). The unique concept behind TRON makes it a powerful competitor of Ethereum, EOS, and NEO. The amount of Energy needed for simple operations is often zero, allowing for almost free transactions. However, smart contracts and TRON dApps do need a bit of energy, similar to Gas in Ethereum. TRON currently has a market cap of $5,000,394,721.

Types of TRON wallets

Finding the best TRON wallet for you should be easy enough. There is a great variety of crypto wallets catering to different groups of users, some focusing on security, some - on convenience, and some - on both.

Hardware wallet

Hardware wallets are physical devices that keep your digital assets' private keys offline, separate from the gadget that is constantly online. To sign the transaction and send your crypto tokens to someone from a hardware TRON wallet, you need to connect it to your PC (or a mobile phone). Since your private keys are stored offline, it is very difficult to hack. It is also additionally protected by a pin code or a password.

The downside is that it may not be the most convenient solution for everyday usage since you need to connect it whenever the digital assets should be sent. Besides, if you are careful about your security, you can securely store your funds without the advanced security features of a hardware wallet. Finally, the devices are not cheap and may set their users back anywhere between $50 and $400.

Web wallet

Web wallets are accessible as a browser extension, or via a separate website. A web wallet is easy to use since they don't require you to download anything on your PC or mobile. Simply setting up an account and a pin code is enough. These wallets work best for quick, regular transactions.

A web wallet is considerably easier to hack since all of your information is kept on the website itself or the browser. A crypto wallet that stores your information on a server is known as a hot wallet (as opposed to cold wallets, which are storing your information locally, on your smartphone or computer). Keep in mind, that some of the web wallets are custodial wallets, meaning users don't even get direct access to their private keys.

Desktop wallets

A desktop wallet is a type of software wallet that you download and install on your computer. Your sensitive data, especially private keys, are stored directly on your device, instead of on a server. So if your computer is not connected to the Internet, it becomes a hardware wallet!

Of course, that's not how most of us use a desktop computer. Since your computer is constantly connected to the Internet (and a software wallet needs that connection to work), there is a risk of a virus or a targeted attack on your computer that may steal the data and, by extension, your funds.

Still, if your desktop remains offline and you only plug it in from time to time to send out your TRX coins, it can be extremely safe. Guarda wallet and Atomic Wallet are good examples of such solutions.

Mobile wallets

Whether Android or iOS, these wallets work fairly similarly to desktop ones, so the pros and cons will also be very similar. With these wallets, your sensitive info is usually stored on your device, locally. Mobile wallets are also considerably more convenient for sending out crypto on the go than wallets for desktops.

Keep in mind, that mobile devices interact with public networks. Public WiFi or mobile data are prone to security breaches, making your crypto less safe. The solution would of course be to either keep your phone always offline or try to secure your connection by using a VPN or any other means. There is also a chance you lose your phone or break it. This risk can, of course, be mitigated by keeping backups in a safe and secure place.

Atomic TRON Wallet

Now that you know what the main purpose of a TRON wallet is, why not look at a specific example of a user-friendly multifunctional wallet and choose the best wallet among the safest TRON wallets?

There are plenty of solutions that allow you to keep and manage TRON. You will find that there are cryptocurrency wallets designed specifically as TRON (TRX) wallet, as well as multi-asset ones. There are also custodial and non-custodial wallets. The wider the choice, the harder it gets to find the best TRON wallet for you. Atomic Wallet is here to spare you the need to wander around hundreds of websites in search of the best solution!

Atomic wallet is a decentralized multi-currency TRON wallet. It's a software wallet that supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies, has built-in Cryptocurrency Exchange, allowing you to exchange TRON, having hundreds of available trading pairs. You can also stake TRX, and Buy Crypto, as well as have access to 24/7 live customer support. It has become truly famous for its convenience, user-friendly interface, lack of operational costs, and security. The latter is ensured by the fact that it's a cold wallet, so your crypto is entirely under your control, as your private key is stored only on your computer or a phone. This ensures that only you have full control over your assets. We provide you with the options to manage, exchange and buy TRON with a bank card.

The primary purpose of Atomic Wallet is not just to store cryptocurrency but to create a healthy multifunctional ecosystem that, in many ways, resembles a decentralized exchange. Atomic Wallet has an internal token - AWC (short for Atomic Wallet Coin), which has many use cases in the ecosystem, such as dividends for holders and the cashback program. Furthermore, it also serves as a marketing tool for bounty and airdrop campaigns.

A significant advantage of a decentralized wallet, in general, is the ability to manage cryptocurrency from any device. Still, you need to pay attention to how you store the backup phrase. In HD Wallets (Atomic being one of them), the keys are generated from one master seed phrase, so that phrase is the primary access to your funds. With Atomic, your TRON (TRX) wallet is protected as long as you keep your seed, or private key, in a safe and secure place. This data is kept in your local storage and protected using advanced encryption.

Setting up Atomic TRX Wallet

Download and install

To enjoy the functionality of the Atomic Wallet, one first needs to go through a simple process of creating a wallet. Download the installation file for your operating system from the official website and install the app. If you're setting up a mobile wallet, the process is even simpler, since you'll be installing via a marketplace automatically (Google Play for Android and AppStore for iOS).

If you need more specific instructions regarding a certain platform, check out our guide!

After that's done, run Atomic Wallet, click 'Create Wallet,' set up a strong password, and click Set Password. Make sure it is a unique and secure password that you don’t use for anything else.

You will now see a 12-word seed phrase that can be used to restore access to the wallet. Be sure to keep it in a safe and secret place! Then click 'Open Wallet.'

That's it! You can now use the Atomic TRX wallet. Find your TRX address and you can deposit the funds right away.

You can find a step-by-step guide on creating a wallet in Atomic here and if you encounter any difficulties with any of the steps, feel free to contact our customer support by filling out this form.

Getting TRX into your wallet

There are several ways of getting funds into your Atomic TRX wallet.

Depositing TRON (TRX)

The first method is to simply deposit funds into the Atomic Wallet from an external wallet. The process is fairly simple even for a first-timer. All you need to do is to find your TRX address in Atomic, copy it, and paste it into the sending window of the app that you're trying to send your funds from.

Exchanging TRON (TRX)

The exchange allows you to buy TRX by paying for it with another asset. Let's say you have some BNB (or any other digital currency) in your wallet, but you decide to give TRX a shot. The exchange feature has got you covered. With more than 500 coins to choose from, you can freely swap tokens without having to verify your identity or follow time-consuming ‘Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols. The exchange also provides real-time prices for assets and cryptocurrency pairs, so you can ensure that you time the transaction to achieve the best possible value. A step-by-step guide on exchanging assets is available here.

What about buying TRON (TRX) with fiat currencies, though? We do support that option as well!

Get a TRX wallet today

If you are interested in becoming one of TRON, the best way of managing it in a secure and decentralized way is a TRON wallet. Indeed, having your crypto on a decentralized exchange might sound more convenient for day trading. But if you are interested in a long-term investment and considering staking your crypto, a wallet will be the best solution.

Choosing the Atomic TRX Wallet to hold your TRON coins in, allows you to easily create a wallet, buy TRX (and many other tokens or coins), and exchange it if need be, in an app with a user-friendly interface. You can also exchange TRX on another platform by using Wallet Connect (available only on mobile) if you prefer.

Get the app on Google Play or Appstore, or download it from our website and join millions of TRON users right away!

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