What is Staking coins?

What is Binance DEX?

Staking is a process of receiving profit for owning and holding cryptocurrency, validating transactions or setting up a node.

To get transactions validated they should be approved and added to a block by miners in Proof-of-work blockchains, like Bitcoin, or get approved by validators in Proof-of-Stake blockchains. Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is a consensus algorithm, where you can stake your coins and receive rewards for transaction validation or receive dividends for holding funds.

Atomic Wallet allows you to interact with different blockchains in a secure and decentralized way. You will be able to stake your holding and receive passive income using Atomic Wallet.

How to stake coins?

  1. Hold crypto in Atomic Wallet
  2. Receive your income

After you install the Atomic Wallet, you will need to transfer your coins to a staking address. Just as most cryptocurrency wallets, it will be your obligation to keep secure your private key to the wallet because if you lose it – you will not be able to access the wallet and your funds there forever.

The reward will be generated in some time after you stake your coins on a scheduled basis. Then, you can spend your rewards on a built-in cryptocurrency exchange or convert it into a fiat currency or a different cryptocurrency.

Coins with staking features

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