Enabling Distributed Ecosystem
Token has utility value - community and affiliate rewards, trading discounts for holders, access to extra features. We will regularly buy back tokens from our profit and burn them.
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Atomic Wallet Coins (AWC) are available for purchase on a private sale now. Public sale will be announced soon. To join, please, register:

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Bounty Campaign

Early Atomic Wallet adopters will receive tokens for the small tasks, that helps us to promote wallet, find bugs, grow the community.

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Atomic Wallet is available for all major Operating Systems.
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Budget Allocation
  • 40% Initial liquidity for market making
  • 30% Software development
  • 20% Marketing
  • 5% Legal and operational
  • 5% Unexpected costs
Token Distribution
  • 35% Private presale
  • 30% Founders
  • 30% Public sale
  • 5% Bounty/Airdrops
Token Parameters

Road map

April 2018
MVP release
Ethereum and Bitcoin asset management
ERC20 tokens support
Integrated instant exchange service
May 2018
Beta release
First pair for Atomic swaps
Litecoin asset management
June 2018
QTUM swap
10 new assets in the wallet
Custom token
Market price order
Atomic Swap UI improvements
July 2018
3 new assets support
Auto response on swap request
Swaps and orderbook stability impovements
UI Improvements
Errors log file
August 2018
Notification about new version
BTG, TPAY, DOGE in the wallet
Instant Exchange update
September 2018
Instant Exchange History
6 new assets in the wallet.
UI/UX improvements.
Buy crypto with a card (alpha).
October 2018
4 new assets in the wallet
Buy crypto with a card (release).
Instant Exchange performance improvement
November 2018
Mobile wallet for Android - alpha realease
4 new assets in the wallet
Built-in Portfolio
December 2018
Mobile wallet for Android release.
Bitcoin SV support.
January 2019
Mobile wallet for iOS - private alpha test.
4 new assets in the wallet

Atomic wallet assets list


We’re rewarding 2 million AWC Tokens to 40,000 loyal Atomic wallet clients

To receive your AWC enjoy using our wallet and complete several easy steps. Rewards will be distributed within a week after ICO ended.

  1. Download the application and install it on the computer
  2. Create a Wallet and transfer funds on it
  3. Claim tokens by leaving an e-mail in the application form
  4. Complete weekly tasks
  5. Wait for the token distribution
Join Airdrop Important Notice: One Airdrop is granted only to one ETH address and one e-mail address


We offer a total reward of 1 million AWC Tokens for participating in the following sections of Bounty:

Bugs Bounty
Social Bounty
Content Bounty



Check Atomic Wallet team videos to feel the inspiration, review Atomic Wallet UI and get educated from conferences. To stay up to date, subscribe to our YouTube channel.