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What is Tomo?

Tomo is a native digital asset of a new blockchain called Tomochain.

Tomochain is aimed to find the answer to the well-known issue of blockchain scalability. The project has integrated support of all smart-contracts, atomic network assets and so on.

Moreover, it also has brand-new scaling products such as sharding, private circuit generation, and hardware integration. All of them will be constantly explored and synchronized with the so-called TomternChain Masternode architecture, a scalable chain of smart contract blocks for decentralized apps (dApps), digital asset releases and crypto adoption for small and large enterprises.

Tomo Features

The Tomochain platform offers a solution to eliminating the transaction processing performance bottleneck in Ethereum, which prevents its implementation in the industry, especially in finance.

The development crew is working on a new secure consensus protocol that should solve those classic problems of a typical blockchain, including efficiency, confirmation time, generation of forks and etc.

What is Tomo Wallet

If you decide to swap your money into TOMO or any other cryptocurrency and start earning it, you will need to have a digital wallet. The market offers several types of them such as desktop, mobile, hardware, or website ones. Such wallets allow anyone to hold, send & receive not only TOMO but also any other digital asset. Besides that, you manage your private keys (as well as have access to the public keys), which relate to the security of the digital assets.

Tomo Wallet Security

To be sure that TOMO as any other coin that you purchased is safe and protected, it’s your responsibility to make a research and choose a secure and trustable wallet.

As a suggestion, you can look at Atomic Wallet. From the very beginning, it has established itself as the most trusted product in the cryptocurrency industry providing a high level of security against the evolving hacking threats.

Atomic Wallet stores private key right on the user’s side without any Internet connection. The key is randomly generated and stored as the 12-word backup phrase.

Where to keep Tomo?

Atomic is a fully decentralized wallet, which means that all of the data never leaves your device. All funds are fully secured and the user’s assets are always kept only on the user’s side. Atomic also includes built-in swap and multi-blockchain support.

Moreover, if you choose the Atomic Wallet solution, you get instant access to storing over 400+ digital assets.

How does Atomic Wallet Work?

Atomic Wallet is made up of various cryptographic algorithms, including Advanced Encryption Standard encryption (AES), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and the data is transferred via BitTorrent protocol.

Atomic Wallet has the support of over 400 various digital assets, including the most popular ones like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), TRON (TRX) and many other tokens.

The wallet has a simple & friendly UI that makes the process of trading & holding cryptocurrencies easier than ever before.

All the important keys are kept only on the user device. Once a user creates a new wallet, he or she gets a unique seed word-phrase which allows getting control over the account.

It goes without saying that all the operations within the Atomic Wallet are highly encrypted. Atomic Wallet is the brightest example of how a serverless solution should look like. Its developers tried to avoid complex registration processes for a user and don’t ask to pass the KYC/AML process to put the Atomic Wallet experience on a new, more convenient level.

So how to start using the wallet? First, get the wallet by clicking on the Download button. Once you downloaded and installed the wallet, open the app and click the “Create wallet” button. Set up a hard to hack pass to protect your wallet from fraud or scam.

After setting up a password, the wallet will automatically create a 12-word backup mnemonic phrase. Copy it and keep it in a safe place. Keep in mind that no one can help you to get access back to your assets if the mnemonic phrase is lost.

Have you copied the phrase? Congratulations! Now you can send & receive and swap crypto.