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What is Cardano Coin?

Cardano is a decentralized platform for financial decentralized applications. It has it's own native asset called ADA. The system is mainly familiar to Ethereum and Bitcoin, but has some unique features.

Cardano features:

Ouroboros — Proof-of-stake protocol

This protocol created as an improvements to the bitcoin consensus protocol. First of all, proof-of-stake allows to decrease energy consumption in times. Secondly, Ouroboros randomly picks "slot leaders" to generate blocks and confirms trnasactions. The slot leader can listen to transactions announced by other nodes, make a block of those transactions, sign this block with its secret key and publish it to the network. It is a key to stabilization of the system.

Cardano Computation Layers

This part of the Cardano blockchain is handles smart contracts. From this we can understand that the ADA will be used to pay nodes for their resources and computating powers. Also in ADA you can create your own unique rules when evaluating transactions. For example you can new layer of security or pass phrase that will allows you to gain access to your funds. KYC and AML support also. This feature enables companies to use ADA for their own finanical needs.

KMZ Sidechains

Sidechains will increase available amount of TPS (Transactions Per Second). Also Cardano blockchain will have bridges to Ethereum, Bitcoin and probably other cryptocurrencies in the future. Integration with other systems.

Cardano crypto

Cardano (ADA) is one of the top cryptocurrencies running on market. Thousands daily transactions and vast capitalization amount. Perspective platform for the future crypto market. What will Cardano be in the next two years? Time will show.

Where to store ADA?

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