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Komodo is an accessible, composable, multi-chain architecture-based Smart Chain platform.

Now, initiatives that work with Komodo can introduce a completely customizable, autonomous Antara Smart Chain. It is secured by Bitcoin-level safety and linked through Platform Synchronizations to Komodo's multi-chain ecosystem.

The growth of Komodo dates back to 2014. The Komodo Platform was built based on proven Bitcoin and Zcash technologies. Komodo was forked from the Zcash in 2016 while jl777 (James Lee) and others wrote: 'Delayed Proof of Work' (DPoW) later in it (using the daemon source 'Iguana'). DPoW is focused on the concept of using the BTC network to safeguard other chains that do not have as much hashing authority as Bitcoin has.

Generally speaking, DPoW is a peer-to-peer network of 64 extremely efficient unique nodes (known as 'Notary Nodes' or NNs), which can validate and swap the recent records with each other and deliver them to the BTC network.

Komodo (KMD) Features

The Komodo Platform integrates numerous characteristics and components such as privacy and anonymity of transactions, transparency, next-generation UXTO Smart Contracts, safety at the bitcoin level, multi-chain sync, seamless blockchain interoperability, unlimited scalability, decentralized swap with nuclear swaps, and instruments and facilities to safe or starts your autonomous blockchain or ICO.

Komodo states in their Whitepaper that 'the Komodo ecosystem's foundational pillar is safety. Komodo offers a distinctive and creative type of security as powerful as the Bitcoin network but does not involve the incredible price.

Every part of the Komodo ecosystem gets the advantages of this safety. 'This is accomplished through its dPoW system, which offers the same amount of protection as the most significant PoW network without trying to compete directly. This implies that, as they work with the Bitcoin blockchain, they not only do not compete with Bitcoin, they do not add any risk to the surroundings themselves.

To summarize dPoW –the Bitcoin network is used as a storage space for KMD transaction 'backups' that are stored every 10 minutes. If the past of the Komodo blockchain is assaulted, then only one remaining section of the Komodo primary system will allow the entire ecosystem to overwrite and override any of the tried modifications made by the attacker.

Thus, to destroy even the smallest KMD chain, the attacker would first have to get rid of:

  • all existing copies of the asset chain
  • all copies of the Komodo main chain
  • the accompanying PoW security network in which the dPoW backups (Bitcoin) are inserted.

Komodo (KMD) Privacy

The Komodo ecosystem introduces an alternative, the original decentralized coin offering (dICO), which solves these problems and even provides fresh opportunities to the cryptocurrency industry.

The dICO's decentralized nature allows the entrepreneur to publish a blockchain item beyond the grasp of a malicious influencer from a third party. Besides, through our decentralized return, BarterDEX, the dICO enables an enterprise to publish its item in a way that mitigates and even eliminates many of the whale, hacker and human error problems. The respondents in a dICO are provided with their right to barter in public with the benefit of Komodo's privacy technology, Jumblr.

Komodo's Private Exchange

The decentralized swap of Komodo, BarterDEX, enables individuals to trade cryptocurrency coins without the danger of a counterparty. The protocol is open-source, and any coin that any developer chooses to link to BarterDEX is accessible for trading. By open-source philosophy, the parent company, Komodo, voluntarily offers BarterDEX technology. Our service completely understands the pairing of decentralized order, trade clearing, and resolution. A low-level pubkey-to-pubkey communication protocol is used in the order-matching element, and the ultimate resolution is performed through a cross-chain nuclear protocol. Like any return, our decentralized option needs liquidity, and in that way, we provide techniques and rewards.

Komodo price (KMD)

In February 2017, the Komodo domestic currency (KMD) was introduced at an ICO at the cost of $0.10. Since then, the coin's price has grown and dropped with the project's and markets' fortunes. It was trading at $2.73 as of mid-March 2018 and rated Coinmarketcap.com's #48 coin by stock value.

Although many coins lost 90 percent or more of their significance in 2018, KMD faced the bear industry relatively well.

Komodo (KMD) Wallet

Komodo Wallet is an application that allows you to manage your KMD private key, send, receive, or swap cryptocurrency. With Atomic, you can manage your Komodo among other top 1000 coins and tokens in one secure interface.