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Dentacoin Price 2020

The first month of DCN’s market presence was not market by any serious rallies. The price was trading around $0,0001 for the most part of October and November. But December became the period of pump: DCN started to grow and closed the year with a 500% gain on the level of $0,000564.

The January 2018 was marked by the continuation of the trend. At that point, the all-time high was reached: it was $0,008267 on January 7. After that, the chart dropped dramatically and went on a bearish trend. DCN stabilized around $0,0001 only in December.

The next year, 2019, was marked by the sideways trading. In January and February, the price dropped under the $0,0001 line and remained there for the rest of the year. The lowest price of the year was $0,000015.

As of this article writing in December 2019, the current DCN’s cost is $0,000032. According to CoinMarketCap’s data, Dentacoin is number 147 in the overall cryptocurrency market cap rating with $17 344 503. DCN has a daily trading volume of $142 806. The circulating supply is 540 285 602 593 DCN; the total amount is 7 986 320 058 065 DCN. The ROI calculated basing on the current and initial price is −89,54%.

Despite the current market flosses, Dentacoin is still a project that may win positions in the nearest future. The team behind it is an experienced one; they hold on to high goals and fresh ideas. No surprise that many cryptocurrency experts and prediction portals have positive opinions about the coin’s future.

  • Tradingbeasts automatic forecast portal predicts gains within the next several years. According to it, the average price of December 2020 will be $0,0000415, the average of December 2021 will be $0,0000486, and the 2022 closing will be marked with the $0,000054 price.
  • According to the Cryptoground’s charts and tables, DCN will reach $0,0003 in 2020 and $0,0032 in 2023. It means the 1000% jumps within the next five years.
  • Cryptoinfobase made an analysis article about the project with a forecast saying that $0,01 per token is a real figure for the coin in 2020.

This article must not be considered as financial advice, but we still think that Dentacoin is quite a unique project. It’s highly possible that it can blast in the nearest future, so DCN is a decent asset to be considered as an investment option.

What is Dentacoin (DCN)

Dentacoin is a blockchain-based project for the niche of dental care. The platform has different functionality: for example, there are doctors database, review system with a trust control program, discount system, and many more. Any activity on the platform is rewarded with DCN — a proprietary ERC20 token of the platform.

The project aims at disrupting the healthcare industry and the particular dental part of it. There are similar crypto projects in the health field, but Dentacoin is the first one to bring blockchain and decentralization to the work of dentists and clinics. The team holds on a quite aggressive marketing policy and strives to wind up everywhere on the media. As a part of the development strategy, the company purchased a dentistry office in London in order to expand and becoming its own customer.

Technically, the platform is a three-sided marketplace for doctors, patients, and services. It includes different functional features: researches service, trust-driven review platform, insurance platform, and many more. The ecosystem is under intense development, and many more services are still to be announced and deployed. For now, the development team is focused on making the service secure, fast, and patient-driven.

Dentacoin was created in 2017. It was founded by a group of professionals: Professor Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev (professional in automated systems and IT), Philipp Grenzebach (expert in law and business management), and Jeremias Grenzebach (an experienced programmer and expert in blockchain solutions). The DCN’s ICO took place in October 2017 and raised $1,1 million in ETH worth. At that point, 4 percent of the total supply was distributed among early contributors.

Apart from being a utility token of the ecosystem, DCN is a trading asset. It is accessible on different exchange platforms, including HitBTC, DOBI, and FatBTC. DCN is mostly paired with BTC, ETH, USDT, and fiat currencies like USD and EUR.

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