What to Buy With Bitcoin: [2020 Edition]

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March 21, 2023
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Bitcoin was created in 2009 by someone named Satoshi Nakamoto, an alias. It becomes a digital and alternative payment method to traditional fiat. Bitcoin became popular in 2013 when the price reached $1,200, and businesses finally started showing interest in actually accepting Bitcoin as a payment option.

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To spend or even have Bitcoin, you need a secure Bitcoin wallet, which will allow you to store and manage your BTC. Once you have a Bitcoin wallet set up, you can quickly receive or send Bitcoin paying a small fee for each transaction. Bitcoin transactions are usually quite fast, although they can be pushed even faster by paying a larger fee.

Who Accepts Bitcoin in the US?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, are heavily regulated in the US, and Bitcoin is considered a commodity, according to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

There are thousands of physical stores that accept Bitcoin in the United States. You can buy coffee using Bitcoin almost anywhere, is quite popular and allows customers to pay with BTC. US citizens can also find plenty of restaurants that accept Bitcoin, with Kansas City being one of the most popular.

Although it’s quite harder to find grocery shops that accept the digital asset, there are still a few out there in the US accepting Bitcoin., for instance, allows payment in Bitcoin for a wide range of drinks and even clothes.

Hotels are also quite scarce, but they do exist, allows Bitcoin payments on all their hotels. Shops, in general, are far more popular, and you can easily find a few in almost any county offering electronics, household items, pet supplies, and more.

Some of the major retailers accepting BTC in the US include Microsoft, which has been accepting Bitcoin for its online Xbox Store since 2014. Bill Gates has been quite supportive of Bitcoin, in general. Other big names include Overstock, Namecheap, or Newegg.

Who accepts Bitcoin in Europe

According to a recent survey by 2gether, Europeans spend most of their Bitcoin on restaurants and hotels followed by supermarkets and grocery stores. Around 4% is spent on healthcare, and only 2% is spent on clothing and footwear.


Germany has certainly been one of the most ‘pro’ Bitcoin countries in Europe as around 25,000 german online stores began accepting BTC in 2019. You can find plenty of Bitcoin ATMs in Germany in pretty much all major cities.

Cities with the most significant amount of stores accepting Bitcoin include Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hanover, or Berlin. You can easily find coffee shops, stores, and even clubs in most parts of Germany. Berlin was called the Bitcoin capital of Europe back in 2018. Berlin’s technological startup scene has attracted plenty of talented developers, engineers, and programmers.

Czech Republic, Prague

Prague has the most Bitcoin-accepting vendors in the whole world, according to statistics in 2018. Even rural parts of the Czech Republic have a large number of businesses that accept Bitcoin. You can buy almost anything with Bitcoin in Prague.

Hotels accepting Bitcoin are quite common, restaurants, cocktail bars, lounges, and all kinds of stores can be found almost every few blocks in Prague. The city has been holding the annual international Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference event since 2014.

Spain, Barcelona

You can easily find Bitcoin ATMs in Spain in most major cities, most notably Madrid and Barcelona. The latter has been involved with Bitcoin since 2013 and even has a ‘Bitcoin Street’ filled with retailers that accept Bitcoin.

You can find co-working spaces in Barcelona that accept Bitcoin, law firms, restaurants, boutiques, shops, and even a mailbox that allows you to send mail internationally by paying BTC.


Surprisingly or not, Slovenia is among the countries with most Bitcoin-Accepting stores and shops in Europe. There is even a mall called ‘BTC City’ in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. At one point, Slovenia had the most BC-Accepting Physical locations in the world.

In Ljubljana, you can find plenty of restaurants that accept BTC, markets, and malls, and even a few hotels.

Who Accepts Bitcoin In Asia

Asia has been essential for Bitcoin but also introduced strong regulations in most countries. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are banned in a few Asian countries like Nepal, Pakistan and have a banking ban in China, India, Iran, and a few other countries. China has prohibited financial firms from holding or trading cryptocurrencies, however, Bitcoin is still extremely prominent in China as the country controls most of the mining operations.

A few businesses are accepting BTC in China, mostly shops, a few restaurants, and other types of stores.

Japan, on the other hand, has plenty of Bitcoin-accepting businesses that include coffee shops, cocktail bars, restaurants, and even bike rentals ( Bitcoin became an official payment method in Japan back in April 2019, which allowed around 260,000 stores to accept Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is also extremely popular in South Korea. The price of the digital asset is entirely dependant on South Korea as it is the third-largest market for Bitcoin trades in the world behind Japan and the United States, according to BBC.

You can easily spend your Bitcoins in South Korea, for example, the largest underground mall added support for BTC payments to over 600 stores inside. The Goto Mall is perhaps the biggest Bitcoin mall in the world right now and allows customers to buy clothes, home decor, or even flowers.

Bithumb also recently partnered with Korea Pay Services (KPS) to allow more than 6,000 retail outlets to accept Bitcoin.

Who Accepts Bitcoin in Other Parts of the World?

We have talked about the most popular locations that accept Bitcoin. However, many other countries also make use of cryptocurrencies. Australia, for instance, has a few businesses that accept BTC, mainly in Brisbane and Melbourne. You can find a few universities that accept Bitcoin in Australia.

Luxury properties are also quite popular, and there have been plenty of reports from people cashing in their Bitcoin to purchase properties in Australia. allows customers to pay in Bitcoin to rent, buy, or sell real estate in Australia.

Additionally, you can find a few car dealers that accept BTC and plenty of charities that accept donations in BTC.

Bitcoin is far less popular in South America. However, there are still plenty of countries there accepting and using Bitcoin. Venezuela has been a prominent example, especially after the president, Nicolas Maduro, announced the creation of Petro, a national cryptocurrency backed by oil.

Burger King in Venezuela has recently started accepting Bitcoin payments in 40 different stores, but it’s not the only one. A market similar to Wal-Mart also started accepting Bitcoin as payment in Venezuela.

Surprisingly, Rio de Janeiro also has plenty of stores and businesses that accept Bitcoin. You can find a few local restaurants accepting BTC, boutiques and shops, and a few Bitcoin ATMs as well.

Argentina is also one of the few South American countries that offer a wide variety of products and services that can be obtained using Bitcoin. Buenos Aires, the capital, has over a hundred different stores and shops accepting Bitcoin. You can even rent bikes using Bitcoin, buy coffee, and browse through dozens of stores and boutiques.

Who Accepts Bitcoin Online?

There are thousands of online stores and businesses that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment.


Expedia: Is one of the biggest only travel agencies and search engines that accept Bitcoin. It uses for booking airplane tickets, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages.

TravelbyBit: Is a platform that rewards customers with Bitcoin for traveling around the world. It is powered by Binance and has a wide selection of flights and hotels.

CheapAir: CheapAir is one of the few airlines that accept Bitcoin. You can also book a room for plenty of hotels around the world or rent a car using Bitcoin.

Travala: Travala offers rooms and hotels in basically the whole world, you can easily pay with Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies at the best price available.


CoinTracking: A cryptocurrency tracking and reporting platform that analyzes trades and generates real-time reports.

PureVPN: PureVPN is one of the most popular VPN services in the world available in 12 different languages.

OverStock is a huge online store that sells almost anything from decor, furniture to jewelry, and apparel.

Shopify is a simple platform that allows anyone to start his customized e-commerce store.

DishNetwork is a top-rated television provider in the U.S.


Microsoft: Allows customers to buy games, movies, and apps for Windows and Xbox. Bitcoin payments were first introduced back in 2014 for the Xbox.

Playboy: The largest men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine accept Bitcoin payments.

HumbleBundle: a digital storefront for video games that usually have extremely cheap offers and packages that accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Zynga: Mobile Games.

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