Unstoppable Domains: Explained

What are the blockchain domains?

Generally, a domain or a domain name is an identification string, which purpose is to define a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control on the Internet (.com, .org, .gov, .net, etc.). It is used for application-specific naming or addressing purposes within some network or Internet Protocol. Unlike regular domains, blockchain domains store the records on the blockchain and their main purpose is to:

  • Simplify crypto payments;
  • Build uncensorable websites

What are the blockchain domains for?

The blockchain domains replace cryptocurrency complex addresses with a human-readable name.

You can add any of your BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, and other crypto addresses all to one domain, for example, Alice.crypto, – and someone only needs to type your domain Alice.crypto into a wallet and send the payments. The same can be done with websites.

Why should you use it?

  1. The blockchain domains are not a part of a centralized system controlled by ICANN, the international organization that stores the records of who owns particular domains. That’s why only you store your blockchain domain in your wallet, and no one can move it without the private key access.
  2. The blockchain domain can be used for making uncensorable websites. They are not stored on the traditional centralized servers of large companies and can’t be taken down by someone’s object to it or governmental request. Only the owner can put the website up and take it down because the content is stored on the decentralized network like ipfs. You simply need to point content from a decentralized storage network to your domain. The blockchain domains require browser plugins to resolve inside most standard browsers as they’re new and yet not supported by the traditional system.

How to buy the blockchain domain?

Search for the address …. make an order and pay with fiat money or crypto. As soon as you get an email confirmation, you can start the process to replace the crypto address with a human-readable name. Follow these steps:

1. Open https://unstoppabledomains.com/ and choose any domain name you want to buy. Make an order and pay with fiat money or crypto. As soon as you get an email confirmation, you can start the process to replace the crypto address with a human-readable name. Follow these steps:. Click on the side menu in the top left. Select My Domains. You’ll open My Domains page.

2. You will see the domain you’ve just bought on this list. It’s ‘Unclaimed’. To claim the domain click Claim All.

3.The wallet file and password is really important information. Keep it safe. Click create wallet.

4. When you confirm the password, the wallet will be created. Click Download Keystore. Save your Keystore file and passphrase in a secure place. It’s important!

5. Link your wallet.

6. Upload Keystore file, enter your passphrase and click Access.

7. Read the message and understand that the next action is irreversible. This will officially register your domain to the blockchain and the owner will be the Zilliqa address associated with your Unstoppable account. When you are ready, click I understand and then the confirm button.

8. The claim process started. It can take some time especially if there is currently a high demand for transactions on Zilliqa. If you have questions about this email support. You do not need to wait on the page. Click view domains.

9. Click manage domains.

10. In this step, you’ll enable easy domain management so you don’t have to create and sign a transaction every time you update your records. Insert your Keystore file, enter the passphrase and click Access.

11. Read the message, click I understand, then Set operator and wait for TX to go through. Once the transaction confirms continue to the next step.

12. Find your cryptocurrency address. Add the crypto address to correct input. Make sure to double-check that it is the correct one. Then, select save changes.

13. Select any additional cryptocurrency addresses by repeating the process.

That’s it! Your address was registered! Search for your domain and check that the cryptocurrency address listed matches the one you entered.

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