Osmosis Slashing Incident Report

Written by
Elizabeth Wright
Updated on
May 4, 2024
3 min read


On April 30, a technical issue occurred where two nodes were operating simultaneously and both successfully found a block. This resulted in a case of double signing, leading to the slashing of Atomic Nodes without the ability to unjail. As a consequence, approximately 5% of the staked OSMO was slashed, amounting to approximately 36,875 OSMO.

Actions Taken:

  1. Addressing the issue:
    Immediately upon discovering the double signing incident, the Atomic team promptly assessed the situation to determine the cause and mitigate any further risks. The technical flaw that allowed two nodes to operate in parallel was identified as the root cause of the issue.
  2. New Node Setup:
    To prevent such incidents from occurring in the future, the Atomic Nodes team took swift action on May 1 by utilizing the services of the staking provider to set up a new node. This step ensures a more secure and reliable node operation for Atomic users.

Compensation and User Instructions:

  1. Slashed OSMO Compensation:
    To rectify the impact of the slashing incident, the Atomic Nodes team will compensate all users whose assets were slashed. Affected users need to reach out to the support team via email at [email protected] and provide their OSMO staking address to get the compensation.
  2. User action required:
    Affected users are requested to redelegate their OSMO to the new staking provider, StakeShark. To do so, the user needs to open the wallet, click Osmosis Staking, redelegate, and confirm the transaction. The operation takes 1 minute to perform and doesn't require any waitng period.


The Atomic Nodes team acknowledges and regrets the inconvenience caused by the double signing incident and subsequent slashing. The prompt response to setting up a new node through the StakeShark staking provider aims to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. 

Please reach out to our support team for any further clarifications or assistance.

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