How do I check my transaction on the block explorer?

Roland Säde
| Editor:
July 2, 2023
4 min read

If you recently installed an Ethereum wallet or any other cryptocurrency wallet, here are the simple steps to check up on your transaction on block explorer.

Option 1. Check your address

Step 1. Get your address

  1. Go to the Wallet tab on the left sidebar and pick the coin you need from the list. Here, hit the Receive button.
ZIL coin interface in Atomic Wallet
  1. Copy your address.
Zilliqa address Atomic Wallet

Step 2. Look your address up on the block explorer

Find a block explorer for an asset you need to look up. It's fairly easy to do by simply googling 'BTC block explorer' or 'ZIL block explorer'. After you've found your address on the block explorer, navigate to the 'transaction history' section.

ZIL blockchain explorer

Browse through it and look for the transaction you need to check. You should be able to identify it by the amount sent or the timestamp. Once you find the operation, click on its hash for more details.

ZIL blockchain explorer

Option 2. Find the transaction by hash

  1. Navigate to the History tab on the left sidebar.
  2. Browse through your transaction history and look for the one you need to check. You should be able to identify it by the amount sent ot timestamp. Once you find the operation, click on its hash for more details. You'll get redirected to the block explorer automatically.
Atomic Wallet transaction history interface and the blockchain explorer

What you can learn about your transaction

  • Sending and receiving addresses. Make sure the receiving address is correct. Since blockchain transactions are irreversible by nature, it's impossible to cancel or revert a transaction if it's already completed. That's why we strongly advise to double-check the receiving address before hitting the Send button.
  • Network fees. The fees are charged directly by the blockchain, and we don't have any additional ones for sending transactions. For more information about network fees, please see Does Atomic Wallet charge any additional transaction fees?.  
  • Status. If it says "Unconfirmed," that means the transaction hasn't been verified on the blockchain yet. It can take longer for your transaction to get confirmed if the network fee's too low and/or the blockchain is overloaded. For BTC or ETH, you can use the guides linked below. For any other coin, please wait for your transaction to get the Confirmed status.
    What can I do with a pending BTC transaction?
    What can I do with a pending ETH transaction?
  • Timestamp. That's the exact moment your transaction was confirmed. If there's no timestamp, it means your transaction hasn't been processed yet.
transaction information of a bitcoin transaction
ZIL transaction example
transaction information of a ethereum transaction
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