Which Wallet Is Better, Phantom or Solflare?

Peter Zoltan
| Editor:
June 24, 2024
5 min read

Phantom and Solflare are the two leading Solana wallets. They both have millions of users, great interfaces, and a variety of features that go well beyond simple token storage. Users can stake their Solana directly in the browser extensions and mobile applications. Although they share a lot of features and design aspects, they still have some differences that are worth noting before you decide which wallet to download.

A Comprehensive Phantom Vs. Solflare Review

A table comparing Phantom Wallet and Solflare Wallet and their features

Overall, we can conclude that Phantom is more suited for users who prefer ease of use and seamless dApp integration, while Solflare is preferred by Android users and people who are focused on staking and NFT management features. If you're interested in other options for Solana Wallets, we have a comprehensive review of best Solana Wallets in 2024.

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