How to add a Custom Token in Atomic Wallet

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Elizabeth Wright
Updated on
July 1, 2023
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Easy and fast. USD balance reflected correctly. Add token


We are happy to announce our new feature: now you can add any Ethereum ERC20 token to your Atomic Wallet! Participation in any ICO, Bounty or Airdrop has never been so easy: just use your Atomic Ethereum address to add your custom token.

Why it is so important

According to Etherscan, on July 3, there are over 500 tradable ERC20-tokens, and the total number of generated smart contracts exceeds 96,000. The variety of tokens is really huge: from giants like EOS and Tether with billion-dollar capitalization to thousands of local and custom tokens, not traded on exchanges yet. These new tokens appear literally every day!

Such an abundance of tokens also has its negative side: sometimes wallet users cannot add their favorite ERC20 tokens to the portfolio and use the funds. Usually, developers only add the most prominent and tradable tokens. The Atomic Wallet team solved the problem on a fundamental level: we have developed an option to add custom ERC20 tokens! Now, every Atomic Wallet user can add any ERC20 token to his wallet in just a minute.

How to add ERC20 Token to Atomic Wallet?

First, you need to download and install Atomic Wallet. We’ve developed cross-platform Wallet versions for a range of operating systems.Mobile app will be available at the end of October. Become an alpha tester

After creating a new ETH address you can manage your assets and add new custom ERC20 tokens.

You can select the Add token function on the main app screen.

In the appeared window, you will see the form that you need to fill out:

  • Parent blockchain (there are the same steps to add TRON, QTUM and other platforms tokens, as well)
  • Token contract address (contact a token-issuing company to check this information).
  • Token full name (for example, the full name of AWC token — Atomic Wallet Coin).
  • Token symbol (in our case, it’s (STG), Super Token)
  • Token decimals. Here we fill in the additional token data. For example, the AWC token represents 8-decimals.

Once finished, click “Add token” button, and your token will appear in your wallet. Now you can manage it the way you want!

Please note: You can use your ETH address in Atomic Wallet to receive funds even before you add a custom ERC20 token.

  • You can store any tokens on your address, but they will appear in the portfolio only after you add them to the interface.
  • You can edit and delete any added custom token.
  • Tokens removed from the interface will not disappear from your address, because the users’ funds are not stored in the wallet. It only stores private keys and methods for working with blockchains and external services. All coins and tokens are stored on blockchains!

So, we see the endless ocean of custom Ethereum ERC20 tokens for any needs, and every day this ocean becomes deeper and wider.

Dive deep to find your treasures! Atomic Wallet will make sure that this trip is safe and profitable.

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