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Are you ready for a breakneck speed? EOS will allow you to run like Flash!⚡️

From the beginning of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was promoted as a fast way to send money from one user to another. But as you may know, new blocks are created every 10 minutes, and you can’t perform the transaction immediately.

You need to wait for at least three blocks to be mined in order to make sure the transaction is not canceled as double-spent. That’s how it works in Bitcoin.
Is there a way to do it faster than all others? Yes, and the answer is EOS.

What is EOS Coin

EOS is like an operating system in a truly decentralized world. You need to hold the EOS native token for using the network resources. To manage EOS, RAM (random access memory) is required, so that’s why the distributing of transactions performing is incredibly fast!

The EOS platform is focused on the speed and scalability of transactions because it’s the weak link of the current blockchain projects. EOS use the parallel communication method throughout the network, so it can scale to a million transactions per second.

How does EOS Coin Work?

To manage your EOS you need to activate an EOS account in your Atomic Wallet. Send 0.8 EOS from your exchange account to a special EOS Contract Address that will automatically Stake EOS into minimal required RAM, CPU and NET. After registration this address will be tied to your Atomic Wallet seed phrase.

EOS blockchain indicators:

  • RAM – used to store data on the EOS blockchain.
  • CPU – is like a processor on a computer. The more transactions are on the network than more CPU will be needed.
  • NET – is temporarily used each time a transaction or action is done on the network. The more EOS, the more bandwidth you are able to use.

How to create EOS account?

To create and activate your EOS account in Atomic Wallet follow these simple steps or check our guide how to move funds from Binance to Atomic Wallet.

EOS account activation process in Atomic Wallet.
  1. Install Atomic Wallet
  2. Find EOS in the asset list and click “Create Account”.
  3. Create account name or generate it.
  4. Copy provided address and memo id.
  5. Send 0.8 EOS + fee to the address. RAM included into the price.

Once it’s activated, you can send more EOS to the address. If you send all the amount for the first time, it will be automatically converted into RAM.

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