27.08.2019 -

Atomic Wallet Ambassador Program

Atomic Ambassador Program is the campaign for the wallet’s fans who want to spread awareness about our project all over the globe and get special treatment for it!

We started the program in September. Greet the pioneers!

*Here are the Telegram Account Names

  • @TheOmnipresentVoid
  • @Tramle10
  • @therealthinkright
  • @mahibul4
  • @Rakib320
  • @onchain_guy
  • @getdev8
  • @jacksteeve
  • @priist
  • @Igwetoo
  • @GodRACE
  • @Cryptopreach
  • @RitabeII
  • @iamseanmillare
  • @paulemmanuelng
  • @XclusivelyTochiGcon
  • @Chiraofarl

We are still accepting applications without deadline limitations! Atomic is looking for ambassadors from all over the world! All participants will be required to pass an interview, prove their interest in the project and competent knowledge in cryptocurrency. Apply and come on board šŸ™‚


  1. English writing skills. Any other popular language will be your advantage.
  2. AW user for at least 2 months w/ knowledge of the main AW features, technologies and benefits.
  3. Candidate should be able to advocate Atomic Wallet through different social media platforms including Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Facebook, and others.
  4. Fill the form and attach a link to your CV.

Benefits For Participants:

  1. We will gratify you with special thanks;
  2. You will be added to Atomic Wallet leaderboard;
  3. You will be promoted on our social media; 
  4. Your activity will be rewarded with AWC tokens;
  5. You will be able to receive an extra bonus w/ your own referral code.

What Will Be Your Goal?

You will be our trusted person, who will be chatting on different social platforms, making videos and promote our project on the web. These activities will be aimed to spread interest in the project among different communities, countries, and people.

Link to the form

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