Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Wallet

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Bitcoin Gold is one of the latest forks of Bitcoin. It was released on October 24, 2017 and has some unique features like Equiqash-BTG mining and improved ecosystem.

Why Bitcoin Gold were created?

The main reason of Bitcoin Gold fork is that nowadays Bitcoin is getting to centralized. Mining pools are getting more and more powerful and this is getting controversial to the idea of transparency and decentralization. Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) now perform nearly all of the mining on the Bitcoin blockchain. These are devices built specifically for Bitcoin mining that is 1,000,000 times better at mining than your home computer. Buying, installing, and running ASICs has a high startup cost, making it difficult for the average user to get involved.

Bitcoin Gold founders improved blockchain with hashing algorithm called Equihash instead of SHA-256. Equihash is more resistant for ASIC mining due to the RAM memory requirements for mining. The world has already seen the implementation of this algorithm in ZCASH blockchain.

As the other parts of the systems stayed the same as it was in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold has the same features:


Mining reward is 12.5 BTG.
Total supply is 21.000.000 BTG.

Being a hard fork everyone who owned Bitcoin received the same amount in Bitcoin Gold with the ratio 1:1.

Bitcoin Gold has also launched a platform called BTGPAY.

Purposes of BTGPAY

As a finder for debit card services.
As a marketplace.
As a network of partners and brand.
All aforestated makes Bitcoin Gold a convenient and decentralized cryptocurrency with low fees and fast transaction speed.

You can securely store your Bitcoin Gold in our wallet with Atomic Swap implementation and other significant features.

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