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What is Bitcoin

The first digital cryptocurrency in the world was Bitcoin. The project initially started as Satoshi Nakamoto proposal, who has published the project's whitepaper on bitcointalk in 2008. In 2009 he mined the fist genesis block of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is some sort of a new digital "gold", you may earn a part of it, hold it, mine or use as a payment method. Despite other faster and more scalable cryptos on the market, Bitcoin is still the leader, the most demanded and the most influential cryptocurrency, the most tradable pair on exchanges. If the Bitcoin price drops it is also affects the price of the most coins and tokens.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Fluctuations in the Bitcoin exchange rate price led to the division of experts into two groups. Some believe the situation with a correction issues are temporary, and already in 2019, Bitcoin will reach new heights. Others, however, argue that the era of cryptocurrency is ceasing to exist. Read more

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