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What is EOS coin?

EOSIO is a software to decentralized apps developed under an open-source MIT software license. Providing accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and the scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores and/or clusters.
EOS coin is an initial token that has potential to scale to millions of transactions per second and eliminates user fees. We are honored to introduce EOS coin support in Atomic Wallet!

What is EOS crypto?

EOS.IO is a blockchain based platform created for deployment of industrial-scale decentralized applications.
The project was initially created by block.one. The main figure behind this company is Daniel Larimer, who is standing behind the BitShares exchange company and blog-platform Steemit.

EOS.IO was released as an open-source software in the middle of 2017 and received a rapid success. More than $4 billion dollars were raised after ICO.

What is EOS role?

EOS was initially created to solve current market problems: complicated processes of dApp developments, low scalabality, fees and trasnsactions limitations.

EOS runs as an vast virtual machine with RAM, CPU, GPU and memory that provided by nodes. When developers run decentralized application they need to buy enough space and computating powers in EOS. Or if to say in other words, they exchange EOS to resources provided by the platform.

One of the major innovations in EOS is horizontal scalability. The system can handle parallel execution of smart contracts and simulteneous transaciton processing. Millions of transcations per second can be executed by the system.

EOS is developers friendly. The system can run plenty of programming languages for dApps, supports web toolkit for interface development, self-describing interfaces, database schemas, and a declarative permission scheme.

Where to store EOS?

You can store EOS and other 300+ assets in Atomic Wallet. Convenient and secured interface for cryptocurrency management. Only you control your funds, all data never leave your device. Changelly/Shapeshift exchange.

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