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What is QTUM?

QTUM (pronounced ‘Quantum’) is the next generation blockchain application platform created for many purposes. And to say shortly it’s a bitcoin core fork which is working on the proof-of-stake technology with Ethereum Virtual machine running on top of it. Now, let's discuss it more precisely.

The first thing that you need to know about QTUM is that is a bridge between Bitcoin blockchains stability and Ethereum Virtual Machine, that is able to work with Ethereum smart contracts technology.

What are Smart Contracts?

A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract, technology created to implement self-executed operations without the need of third-parties called intermediaries.

They contain rules, penalties, and conditions on which the operation will be completed. In the nearest future, the world will see their implementation in absolutely different fields of life. They are fast, cheap, secured and trustless.

The QTUM bridge has plenty of benefits:

1) It can apply different approvements from Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains like SegWit technology, Lightning Network, and Raiden. Ethereum smart contracts compatibility helps developers to build applications on QTUM, and dApps are also available for working on QTUM due to backward compatibility.

2) QTUM is running on UTXO database which is a well secured and scalable. But it gives an ability to implement Simple Payment Verification (SPV) protocol that allows light clients to interact with smart contracts without a need to store the whole sequence of blocks.

What is UTXO and how it works?

UTXO (Unsent Transactions Output) database is used by full nodes to understand whether the specific transaction is valid or not. To be valid all the inputs of the transaction must be in the UTXO database. If the transaction is not in the database, then it’s either double-spend transaction or this transaction is trying to send funds that don’t exist.

What is SPV?

Simplified payment verification is technology that enables user to not store the full node on the device to confirm his transaction. SPV use software to find the longest chain which is available to link the user’s transaction to it. This technology is implemented in different wallets, for example, we have it in our Atomic Wallet.

SPV is also enabling to implement smart contracts on the mobile devices, it will help developers to create dApps especially for mobile platforms.

How does QTUM combine Bitcoin UTXO and Ethereum EVM?

For this, the Account Abstract Layer (AAL) was created which is the layer between blockchain and EVM:

QTUM team has already announced plans to develop an x86 smart contracts virtual machine for QTUM. The x86 architecture is popular, time-tested, and well designed, and a smart contracts virtual machine based off of this architecture will make up for much of the shortcomings found in Solidity and the EVM. For one, it allows developers to program smart contracts in popular programming languages like C, C++, C#, and Java.

Outside data feeds

Qtum is supporting outside data feeds and so-called “oracles”. Oracles are API’s that allow external devices to supply and acquire information from the smart contracts operating on the QTUM platform. They are trusted parties which can perform off-network calculations, supply or aid computations and help to keep virtual machines from being overused. Acceptance of the outside data is especially helpful in business when a huge amount of processing power is required.

QTUM Economy

Total supply of QTUM is 100.000.000 ERC20 QTUM.
Every new block is generated every two minutes.
Block reward is 4 QTUM.
Block explorer: www.qtumexplorer.io.

Where to store QTUM?

Store, send, receive and exchange QTUM with atomic swap option in Atomic Wallet: Decentralized, secured and custody-free solution created for multi-purposes.

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