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What is Tezos (XTZ)?

Tezos is a new blockchain based platform running on smart contracts technology providing significant self-improvement features and community grants.

Now everyone can improve the blockchain. If your proposal will be truly useful and social consensus is reached you will be able to improve the whole ecosystem without the need of fork. Great feature! Community will not be divided into opposite parties and new innovations can be implemented seamlessly.

Is Tezos a cryptocurrency?

Yes. Tezos is a newcomer on the crypto market. Mainnet was launched on the September 17th, 2018. The project has controversial suit laws history but is a pure titan by the capitalization amount.


Idea of cryptocurrency improvement lead Arthur Breitman and Kathleen Breitman to the creation of self-amending blockchain system, that can be self-improved without hard forks need. Implementing Turing based algorithms, blockchain secured shell and other technical features, Tezos has become a largest ICO raised over $232 million dollars.

But with all success comes drawbacks. Lawsuits, inner conflicts within the company, KYC for investors, delay in XTZ launch, all aforestated brought shadow on Tezos reputation and the future of the coin. Although, the situation had changed. Mainnet released, XTZ will be soon available on some exchanges and Tezzies will reach it's way to the global cryptocurrency market. What is the Tezos role and what this project may change? For now, we don't know. Tezos is working to incentivize academic, interpreters and community in building better ecosystem. Some partnership with audit companies. But where lead to?


1) Smart Contracts

Tezos is Ethereum like platform, created to handle Decentralized Applications.

2) Liquid Proof-of-Stake protocol

Stake holders can vote for improvements in the Tezos platform. Each call to vote can be created every 3 months. Liquid P-o-S has modest computing power requirements and funds barrier to entry.

3) Baking

Insted of mining Tezos provides bakers. Tezos baking These people are working to the network stability, taking rewards for finding blocks and operating transactions. If any malicious behaviour occurs, bakers will just lose their deposits.

Tezos crypto

Tezos issued it's own coin XTZ (pronounced 'tez'). For now it's purposes are investment and decentralized application governance. XTZ is used to handle transactions, as a payment for code evolvement and platform improvements. Tezos is on of the top cryptocurrencies nowadays in capitalization amount.

Is there a Tezos wallet?

Yes, you can easily manage your tezzies in Atomic Wallet - secured multi-asset app with over 300 tokens and coins. Light and fully secured. Only you have control over your funds and private keys never leaves your device. Developers make improvements every week and our team always hear you.

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